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January 13 - January 18, 2014

I need to coat a bare concrete warehouse floor that has visible oil stains. What are my options for cleaning the concrete before coating it?

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From donald garrity of CSI on February 12, 2014:
It has been my experience to use a true concrete c more

From Craig Taylor of TCS, Inc on February 10, 2014:
Aquafin has  a 2-component, VOC-compliant, mo more

From Jay Barstow of Aeroflor Consulting Services on February 7, 2014:
You're talking my specialty here (millions of squa more

From Michael Quaranta of OPERATIONS 40 on February 6, 2014:
My advice begins with the word "depends." How old more

From Arun Gopinathan of BASF Construction Chemical on February 3, 2014:
You can follow these steps:  Alkaline degreas more

From Kumar Kolur Vadivelu of Sadara Chemical Company on January 17, 2014:
You can opt for high-pressure water wash with biod more

From Timothy Knell of Shore Corporation on January 16, 2014:
I would recommend a good alkaline degreaser that w more

From Chuck Pease of MMI Tank on January 15, 2014:
Clean/degrease and shotblast; then apply Ardex. Li more

From Suresh Setty of Alpha High-Tech Polyurtehanes on January 14, 2014:
Out of my 15 years experience in industrial floori more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on January 13, 2014:
There are a few options I'm aware of: 1. You can more

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