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May 20 - May 26, 2013

Should the surfaces of flanges be coated to prevent corrosion? Why or why not?

Selected Answers

From Simon Latty of MCT Group on July 8, 2013:
There is a very good argument for coating flange f more

From corey harink of Desert Blasting & Painting Ltd. on May 29, 2013:
I coated over 14,000 raised face flanges last year more

From Atanas Cholakov of Insignia JFZ on May 25, 2013:
Normally, the raised surface of a flange is never more

From Robert Mexter of BC Hydro on May 23, 2013:
I have to assume you are referring to a flanged or more

From Brian Chapman of Cadillac Fabrication on May 23, 2013:
I submitted this question with respect to flanges more

From Mario Serra of Saras on May 22, 2013:
Which kind of corrosion? Internal or external? Nor more

From William Slama of International Paint/Ceilcote Products on May 20, 2013:
This reply is with respect to vessels (or pipes) c more

From Bonny Njimogu of Construction Specialist Services Ltd. on May 20, 2013:
Surfaces of flanges should be greased rather than more

From William Gusnard of Southern Company Services on May 20, 2013:
My answer to this question is no. I have been in more

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