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February 11 - February 17, 2013

Can water be sprayed onto an IOZ coated surface, which has not fully cured due to low humid conditions, to accelerate the cure?

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From Krishnan Swaminathan of Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India, Research in Protective Coating field for 27 years on February 15, 2013:
yes more

From Stephen Cantrelle of Concord Terrazzo on February 18, 2013:
     Yes. Allow solvent to fla more

From Simon Hope of Bilfinger Salamis on February 18, 2013:

     It is absolutely essen more

     It is absolutely essential that IOZ is subjected to water, as it is needed as part of the chemical reaction to obtain chemical cure. IOZ will not cure in low humidity even though it seems to be dry; this is one of the most common failures to manifest as an apparent cohesive failure. Water must be present. High humidity is best, but a fine spray applied to the entire structure will work once the IOZ is through dry. It is essential to check the degree of cure using a white rag soaked in solvent, gently rubbed on the surface to ensure no material is dissolved. Once the IOZ is cured, it is imperative that the coating is thoroughly dried before the application of the sealer coat; otherwise, you will have reaction of the zinc to form oxide and the inevitable disbonding again!

From Karen Oscarson of PPG on February 15, 2013:
     Yes, that is common pract more

From S. Matsumoto of Abraco on February 15, 2013:
I have similar experience. Spray water but do more

From Ahmed Abd Ellatif of MOPCO on February 28, 2013:
     Yes, apply water if the r more

From Stephen Bothello of Jotun Paints on February 20, 2013:
     Yes, water can accelerate more

From Jayakrishnan Radhakrishnan of Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia Limited on February 14, 2013:
    Yes, after approximately 4 hour more

From Grant Kirby-Smith of Jotun Paints on February 11, 2013:
     Yes, provide it has dried more

From Farooq MD of JGC on February 12, 2013:
yes more

From Dipesh Vyas of CARBOLINE on February 15, 2013:
     It is recommended to main more

From willem van Gent of corrcon Marine on February 10, 2013:
     I have experience on hatc more

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