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November 12 - November 18, 2012

Is it cost-effective to pressure wash a bridge or other structure before abrasive blasting? What pressures, flow rates, and procedures are recommended?

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From Martin Neumann of Neumann Co. on April 5, 2013:
     Thank you, Shane Hirvi. I more

From Atanas Cholakov of Insignia JFZ on January 21, 2013:
     Yes, it is cost-effective more

From James Johnson of Chlor*Rid International, Inc. on November 20, 2012:
     Is it economically feasib more

From Mike Beitzel of Modjeski and Masters on November 15, 2012:

     Water may be cheap but more

     Water may be cheap but pressure washing is not always. Before this question can be answered, several conditions need to be determined and questions answered. Are there currently any existing surface contaminants in the form of chlorides, nitrates or sulphates present on the structure and at what level?

     A test pressure washing should be conducted and the effluent collected, sampled, and tested to determine if any toxic materials are contained in the total suspended solids or other properties of the waste water that would require total containment of the wash water.

     If soluble salts are found on the steel, was pressure washing effective in removing them to acceptable levels? The test pressure washing would also be a good time to determine the pressures to be used and the size nozzel and stand-off distance as they may impact the characterization of the waste water generated. If salt removal additives are necessary, will their use require total containment and collection, treatment,and disposal of the waste water. If the structure is over a body of water, it may be necessary to pre-clean to remove gross deposits of dirt and debris prior to pressure washing. A test abrasive blast cleaning without pressure washing may also be helpful to determine what surface contaminant conditions are actually generated.

From Rich Todd of Thomas ind coatings on November 14, 2012:
     Yes, water is cheap and y more

From shane hirvi of superior consulting & Inspection services, Inc on January 24, 2013:
     Is it cost-effective to p more

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