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October 24 - November 1, 2015

How pure must fresh water be for water washing or waterjetting, and how do you determine the water’s purity?

Selected Answers

From OM PRAKASH JAT of Galadari Engineering works on December 22, 2015:
Potable water can be used for water jetting. .If t more

From Marco Antonio Alvarado Meneses of Sherwin Williams Perú on December 1, 2015:
Potable water is ok, that's all. more

From SAUL DIAZ VERA of CPPQ S.A. on November 1, 2015:
The water should be clean and free of contaminants more

From Lydia Frenzel of Advisory Council on October 29, 2015:
I just posted on 2015-10-29 a collection of tables more

From trevor neale of TF Warren Group on October 28, 2015:
Can distilled water be classed as fresh !! more

From Mark Schilling on August 30, 2012:
     It's a goofy question sub more

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