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December 12 - December 16, 2022

What type of antifouling or foul-release coating will provide the greatest protection in warm tropical waters, and for how long?

Selected Answers

From Kaunteya Deshpande of COATEAM Solutions on December 12, 2022:
An SPC modelled suitably for the water temperature more

From Suresh Setty of Alpha High-Tech Polyurtehanes on December 21, 2022:
COVAL Covalent bond coating is recommendable for A more

From Dean Wall of InspectorCoat on December 14, 2022:
silyl methacrylate antifouling eg SeaQuantum Ultr more

From Per Gabrielsson of Free Lance Consultations and Inspections on December 22, 2022:
Toxins are still present in most Antifoulings and more

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