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September 27 - October 1, 2021

Your field surface preparation requires SSPC SP-10 and your field bolting uses hot-dip galvanized bolts. What surface preparation do you require/allow on and around the bolts?

Selected Answers

From Francis Clyne of WSP on September 30, 2021:
All residual lubrication must be removed. SSPC SP1 more

From Chang-Beom Park of KG D6 RUBY FPSO, SHI on October 5, 2021:
Min. SSPC-SP10 for inorganic zinc more

From Mike Makela of Sunstate Coatings Inc. on October 6, 2021:
Brush blast bolts to SSPC-SP 7 / NACE 4 or etch bo more

From Patrick Jansen of Incoser on December 22, 2022:
First check if there is a teflon protection in bet more

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