Barrier Membrane Made for Flexibility

FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2013

StoGuard Transition Membrane, new from Sto Corp., is a flexible air barrier membrane designed for use on vertical above-grade wall construction over a variety of substrates.

The product can be used with concrete, concrete masonry (CMU), glass mat gypsum sheathing, and exterior or exposure I wood-based sheathing, according to Atlanta, GA-based Sto, a global supplier of cladding and coating systems for building construction.

StoGuard Transition Membrane is used at detail areas to provide flexible connections to achieve continuity of the air barrier assembly, the manufacturer says.

It also functions as a secondary weather seal at joints in construction and can be used in a wide range of applications for both static and dynamic joint conditions.

Use and Features

The product is designed for use with other StoGuard waterproof air barrier membranes, including Gold Coat, EmeraldCoat, AirSeal, VaporSeal and ExtraSeal. It is compatible with all StoGuard vapor permeable or vapor impermeable membranes.

According to Sto, the Transition Membrane:

  • Is easy to apply without the use of tools or specialized labor;

  • Will not tear or lose effectiveness in service;

  • Will not peel or suffer loss of adhesion along edges;

  • Will not stain surfaces due to adhesive leaching or streaking; and

  • Does not require the use of primers or termination mastics for proper installation.

Sto says the membrane's light weight and flexibility allows it to conform to today's complicated architectural geometries and provides a high level of accuracy in installing air barriers.

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