Preprufe Plus Strengthens Adhesion


Grace Construction Products, a global provider of water and moisture protection, has unveiled the newest product in its veteran Preprufe Waterproofing System line.

Grace calls Preprufe Plus "the next generation" of Preprufe for pre-applied or blind-side waterproofing applications, in which the membrane is installed before construction of the below-grade area of a building. 

Preprufe Technology

Preprufe has been used for more than 20 years to protect below-grade areas of buildings from water and moisture entry.

Like Preprufe, Grace says, Preprufe Plus is designed to be durable, puncture resistant, chemically resistant, and unaffected by precipitation or moisture during installation. Preprufe forms an adhesive bond to the concrete placed against it and thus does not rely on the earth outside the building to confine or hold the membrane in place. 

Like standard Preprufe membranes, Preprufe Plus creates a watertight seal with the concrete to prevent lateral water migration, according to Grace.

What's New

According to Grace, Preprufe Plus has a "stronger and more robust adhesive lap than the standard product to more easily achieve a watertight seam." In addition, Preprufe Plus does not have a release liner, which reduces waste and expedites installation.

"Preprufe Plus is simply rolled or kicked out, which is much faster and easier for the installers than the standard process," which requires installers to lift and unroll the roll, Grace said in a product announcement.


Preprufe Plus can be rolled or kicked out, easing installation, Grace said.  Colored "zip strips" cover an aggressive adhesive that is stronger than the standard product.

Preprufe Plus has colored "zip strips" at the top and bottom of the seam area on the roll's edge. The strips cover an aggressive adhesive that, once exposed, allows "a magnetic adhesive-to-adhesive bond" at the seam that is stronger than with the standard product. 

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