New eBook Offers Marine Coating Advice

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013

Free technical guidance on selecting the right coatings for marine applications is the focus of a new, free eBook published by JPCL: Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings.

Sourcing and Selecting Coatings for the Marine Industry combines technical expertise on ship coating maintenance and repair with resources for acquiring the appropriate coating systems. The eBook is part of a free series that features industry-specific coating selection and specifying advice and was developed in conjunction with the JPCL Coatings & Linings Buying Guide.

The eBook is now available as a free download exclusively through PaintSquare, the online home of JPCL.

Feature Articles, Specifying Guidance

The eBook consists of two features on ship coating maintenance and corrosion protection of cargo tanks

"Ship Coating Maintenance & Repair: The Current State of Affairs and the Future with PSPC-Ruled Vessels," written by Roy Nedal, Marine Service International AS, Norway, gives a contractor's view of the present state of ship coating maintenance and repair. Included are predictions about the future of this work under the IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC).

"Corrosion Protection of Cargo Tanks in Crude Oil Carriers: The New IMO Regulations," by Brian Goldie, JPCL, covers the IMO's newest requirements for corrosion protection of cargo tanks in crude oil carriers. The requirements relate to new vessels with a contract date of Jan. 1, 2013; a keel-laying date of July 1, 2013; or delivery after Jan. 1, 2016.


The free eBook includes articles on ship coating maintenance and repair, the IMO's new regulations for corrosion protection of cargo tanks, and a buying guide.

The volume also includes JPCL Buying Guide material on selecting and specifying marine coatings for various exposure environments. The buying guide is organized by exposure type, then substrate type, and then a list of coating manufacturers and their preferred system.

Coatings maker Jotun is the sponsor of the eBook.

Coating Selection Series

Sourcing and Selecting Coatings for the Marine Industry is the seventh volume in the exclusive series by JPCL, the “Voice of SSPC” and the leading journal of the protective and marine coatings industry.

The series features industry-specific coatings selection and specifying advice.

Click on any title to learn more and/or download free:

Sourcing and Selecting Bridge Coating Systems

Coatings for Offshore Structures: Selecting and Sourcing

Coatings for Waterfronts, Locks and Dams

Power Plant Coatings: Selecting and Sourcing

Transmission Pipeline Coatings: Selecting and Sourcing 

Wastewater Treatment Plant Coatings: Selecting and Sourcing

Water Tank Coatings: Selecting and Sourcing

JPCL eBook Series: Other Titles

Now in its eighth volume, JPCL also offers another free eBook series comprised of articles written by industry experts.

Earlier titles are also available for immediate, free download.

Selecting the Right Abrasive features seven articles on abrasive selection. Topics include green abrasives, performance, quality assurance, troubleshooting, and more.

Overcoating Bridges and Other Structures is a new compilation of articles by leading experts on safety, quality, decision-making and other hands-on issues vital to a successful protective coating project. 

ship corrosion
Roy Nedal

Life the rest of the JPCL eResources series, Sourcing and Selecting Coatings for the Marine Industry may be downloaded free exclusively through PaintSquare.

Dehumidification and Other Environmental Controls for Coating Projects focuses on dehumidification and environmental controls for coatings projects. Topics include dehumidification basics, DH for water tank lining and ships, and ventilation in confined spaces.

Protecting and Maintaining Transmission Pipeline features articles on coatings for oil and gas pipelines, fusion-bonded epoxies for pipeline protection, ISO standards, disbondments of pipeline coatings, and more.

New Technology Coatings for Corrosion Control includes articles on historical perspectives on coatings technology, new developments in raw materials, environmental advances, self-healing systems, and hybrid coatings.

Achieving Efficiency in Abrasive Blast Cleaning includes guidance on every aspect of abrasive blast cleaning, including equipment maintenance, abrasive selection, quality control, profitability, productivity and troubleshooting.

Protecting Industrial Structures with Polyurea features expertise by JPCL Top Thinker Dudley Primeaux II and other leading names on the use of polyurea in a variety of applications, from ship decks to dams to tanks to rail lines.

Ultra High Pressure Waterjetting offers guidance by Dr. Lydia Frenzel and other experts on waterjetting for surface preparation of steel and concrete. Topics include productivity, safety, equipment and hose maintenance, and visual standards to assess cleanliness.

The entire series will remain available on


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