Organizations Celebrating Corrosion Awareness Day


This year, universities and coatings companies across the globe are coming together today to celebrate World Corrosion Awareness Day with a series of events, webinars and more.  

According to the World Corrosion Organization, this day is meant to highlight the estimated $2.5 trillion annual cost of corrosion worldwide, pushing for a better understanding of the consequences of corrosion and the importance of controlling it.

Global Celebrations

Included in today’s celebrations will be the Association for Materials Protection and Performance’s social media campaign, featuring a series of synchronized LinkedIn posts released at 8 p.m. in each time zone.

The Corrosion Around the Clock posts will reportedly be filled with insights from AMPP chapters, partner organizations and global members, meant to highlight the issues of corrosion and promote international collaboration. AMPP states that corrosion can incur costs that surpass 3.4% of the global GDP, over $2.5 trillion annually.

"Corrosion is a global challenge that necessitates a unified response. Through 'Corrosion Around the Clock,' we aim to catalyze a global movement towards adopting corrosion control measures, potentially saving the world economy $375 to $875 billion annually,” said AMPP CEO Alan Thomas

“Such initiatives underscore the importance of collaboration and innovation in our ongoing battle against corrosion."

Each year, AMPP hosts several activities, all aimed at raising awareness among government officials, industry leaders and the public about the critical importance of corrosion control.

"World Corrosion Awareness Day serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we share in mitigating corrosion,” Thomas said.

“It's not just about reducing costs – it's about safeguarding our infrastructure, protecting the environment, and ensuring public safety through proactive corrosion control practices."

Also included in the celebrations, the European Federation of Corrosion will be holding its eighth annual Swiss Corrosion Science Day, hosted at specialty chemical company Sika’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The event, oganized by The Swiss Corrosion Network, will reportedly feature a series of presentations on corrosion, including:

  • Insights on the mechanism of corrosion products precipitation in voids at the steel concrete interface in reinforced concrete;
  • Corrosion behavior of heat-treated Fe-based shape memory alloys;
  • Hydrogen diffusion into structural steel;
  • Regulatory landscape and compliance requirements for Zinc dust in coatings for corrosion protection; and
  • Unique corrosion behavior of an archaeological Roman iron ring.

Additionally, the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland, plans to announce the winners for its second annual Corrosion Around Us photo competition, meant to showcase a “more artistic look at the problem of corrosion.”

The award winners will be announced at the university's CorrDay event, taking place at the school's Faculty of Chemistry. The event is also reportedly meant to be an opportunity to talk about corrosion, exchange views on contemporary photography and establish new contacts.

At the same time, the University of Manchester will be hosting its own photo competition, offering winners a 1-year membership to the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a £100 ($124) Amazon gift voucher.

Other events included in the celebration for Corrosion Awareness Day will reportedly be hosted by University of the Punjab and the AMPP Pakistan Chapter, the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa, the Complutense University of Madrid and more.


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