Security ‘PaintCam’ Launches Paint Balls at Intruders

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2024

A Slovenian startup has created what it’s calling the first security system with integrated real-time facial recognition and “game-changing” paintball marking for home safety.

“Elevate your security from passive protection to active deterrence with PaintCam,” writes the company on its website, “ensuring swift, effective responses for your peace of mind.”

Anticipated to be available in three models—Eve, Eve+ and Eve Pro—the security camera reportedly utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and track objects in real-time. This can include household individuals, animals and other various objects, PaintCam explains.

“Through our app, select and define the areas you want to protect. Whether it’s the front door or your cherished possessions, with PaintCam, protection is personalized, ensuring your space is fortified exactly as you envision. Your security, your way,” writes PaintCam.

According to New Atlas, the camera will give a warning to anyone it doesn’t know; and, if they fail to comply and leave within the time limit, Eve will fire off paintball pellets to mark the intruder for police identification.

The facial recognition software will also identify an unfamiliar visitor to the owner, giving them the opportunity to fire away if they so choose.

However, it doesn’t just stop at paintballs—PaintCam Eve is also reportedly equipped with the option to include tear gas projectiles.

Eve also offers the typical security camera features, including remote access, live monitoring and the promise that it will work “autonomously” if internet connection is lost.

A Kickstarter campaign for the product is expected to launch on April 23; however, several prototype videos with the PaintCam are available on the company’s YouTube channel.

However, along with the announcement, several questions have been raised regarding the efficacy and the ethical implications of the product.

“We have questions: Can we trust in the behavior of fellow humans to use technology as the creators intend it? (Precedent suggests absolutely not.) Could you turn Eve into a grown-up's 'knock and run' paintball game between neighborhood friends? Are burglars particularly fearful of having their clothing ruined?” asks New Atlas writer Bronwyn Thompson.

“Would it be morally unjust to teargas door-to-door salespeople, even if they'd so far ignored your ‘thanks, but no thanks’ response on five earlier occasions? Should we really approach home security like modern day warfare?

“And of course, would you be legally liable if this thing nailed a neighborhood kid or runaway pooch in the eyeball and caused some serious damage?”


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