New Product Announcement: Fire Protection Coating


Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine has recently released a new thin-film intumescent fire protection coating, ideal for on-site application to protect structural steel substrates.

According to the emailed release, Firetex FX7002 is designed to meet the highest performance standards and aesthetic demands of the commercial construction industry.

Firetex reportedly has the broadest range of beam listings on the market for up to a two-hour fire-resistance rating and approved listings for a solvent-based acrylic that are among the industry’s lowest coating thicknesses at that duration for steel beams.

The company notes that those low thicknesses, combined with the coating’s broad application parameters and high film build capabilities, allow contractors to complete their projects quicker with enhanced “peace of mind” in the material’s ability to protect steel with proven testing results.

The comprehensive listings reportedly enable the protection of a wider range of steel sizes for both restrained and unrestrained assemblies without the need for extrapolation. Firetex FX7002 is also undergoing column and hollow steel section (HSS) testing that is intended to match that extended scope for steel columns.

Firetex FX7002 reportedly has high wet film build properties that can reduce the number of coats required. Applicators can build the coating to up to 56 mils wet film thickness (WFT), or 40 mils dry film thickness (DFT), per coat.

This higher film build compared to other solvent-based intumescent coatings, combined with lower required DFTs, means applicators can achieve the required protection sooner for most steel with two-hour fire rating requirements, Sherwin says.

“The extensive certified listing of approved restrained and unrestrained beams for Firetex FX7002 is enhanced by the coating’s low thickness requirements,” said Casey Herston, North America Fire Protection Product Manager for Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine.

“In addition, the low coating thicknesses and higher per-coat film build mean fewer coats need to be applied, saving significant material and labor costs on projects, while also accelerating construction schedules. This means applicators can move to the next project faster, and general contractors can get the subsequent trades on and off projects quicker.”

Sherwin explains that the coating offers a broader application window for field applications compared to most commercially available water-based acrylic intumescent products. With its lower temperature application limit, applicators can spray the single-component coating in temperatures that are cooler than what is typical with water-based formulations.

Because of this, it allows more on-site fireproofing coating days for applicators. Additionally, the high volume solids product has outstanding application characteristics and a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

Firetex FX7002 is UL 263-listed and meets the requirements of ANSI/UL 263 and CAN/ULC-S101 for Interior Conditioned Spaces (ICSs), Interior General Purpose use in Design Nos. N627 and Y606. Additional column testing is underway to extensively extend this scope.

Sherwin recommends the coating for use in ICSs without the need for a topcoat, as well as Interior General Spaces with an approved topcoat. The company adds that it can be used on structural steel for a wide array of buildings, including commercial structures, warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more.


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