Industrial Inspection Companies Announce Merger


Energy service company GIR Solutions, its branch company GIR Mechanical Integrity, and consulting firm CCI Inspection Services recently announced a new merger to form inspection company Allco Solutions, LLC.

According to a release from Allco, the merger is meant to help offer comprehensive mechanical integrity inspections along with coating and corrosion inspections, all under one roof.

Company Details

Founded by Jonell Nixon in 1986, CCI Inspection Services has reportedly been recognized for its approach to protective coatings and corrosion mitigation by providing accurate inspection solutions.

Along with its experience in coatings and corrosion mitigation, CCI Inspection Services has also worked in failure analysis, offering assessments to identify the causes of coating and corrosion failures and allowing clients to implement effective preventative measures.

Using specific analytical techniques and methodologies, CCI Inspection Services has provided insight into failure modes, helping clients mitigate risks and enhance asset integrity.

GIR Solutions was reportedly established in 2017, shortly before GIR Mechanical Integrity was established in 2020. The two companies specialize in several essential services, including non-destructive testing, Level 1 topside inspection, construction inspection and data management solutions.

With its mechanical integrity inspection services, GIR Solutions and GIR Mechanical Integrity reportedly offer failure analysis solutions for mechanical components. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, GIR reportedly conducts investigations to find the causes of mechanical failures, providing clients with insights to improve maintenance strategies and equipment reliability.

According to the release, the merging of these three companies into Allco is meant to mark a milestone in the industrial inspection industry.

Allco will reportedly work to offer both mechanical integrity inspections, as well as coating and corrosion inspections. This approach, according to Allco, will help ensure that the company can provide consistent service, streamlined processes and cost-effective solutions.

Allco adds that its leadership team will be comprised of Marlin Lester, who will assume the role of CEO, while Jeremy Johnson will step in as COO. Additionally, protective coatings and corrosion mitigation industry veteran Jeremi Day will reportedly serve as CTO, while Trevor Doucet and Richard Fregia join as Vice Presidents of Operations, managing mechanical integrity and coatings, respectively. Archie Cox will reportedly take on the role of Board Chair.

“The merger of GIR Solutions and CCI Inspection Services marks a pivotal moment in our industry. Together, we are poised to deliver unmatched value and innovation to our clients, setting new standards for excellence,” said Johnson.

“Additionally, Allco is an employee-owned company, with field and office personnel holding a stake. This facet of company structure is a major factor in attracting industry talent and maintaining a consistent workforce for clients."

"Allco is more than just a merger; it's a catalyst for change," added Lester.

"By offering a comprehensive suite of inspection services, we're empowering our clients to thrive in a competitive landscape, while driving industry-wide transformation."

Prior Acquisition News

Previously, in 2022, CCI had been acquired by CRW Consulting & Distribution. According to the company, the acquisition complemented its strategy to mitigate the causes of coating failures and to provide comprehensive consulting and inspection services.

Founded in 1986 by Nixon, an AMPP CIP Level III Certified Inspector #113, CCI served inspection needs of major energy companies globally. These reportedly included, but were not limited to, Kinder Morgan, Shell Pipeline Company, LLC, Magellan Midstream, Enbridge, Explorer Pipeline, Williams Pipeline & Midstream, Baker Hughes and the Texas Department of Transportation.

CRW reported that CCI’s quality assurance program provided inspector training and calibrated state-of-the-art inspection equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test results and readings.

According to the emailed release in December 2022, the acquisition was a “natural fit” for both companies based on their shared history. It was expected to also significantly enhance oil and gas consulting offerings from CRW.

Additionally, with the change, CRW planned to update its name to CRW Companies to better encompass the expansion. The company also anticipated bringing on more inspectors and build the CCI customer base, with projections of doubling revenue within the first year.


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