New Product Announcement: Phosphate Methacrylate Monomer


Specialty chemical company Evonik recently announced the release of Visiomer Hema-P 100, a phosphate methacrylate monomer meant to improve adhesion, reduce corrosion and provide flame-retardancy.

According to Evonik, Hema-P 100 can act as a dispersant and complexing agent, as it uses polymerization and is non-migratory.

Evonik states that applications of Hema-P include adhesives, coatings, construction and composites. According to the company's release:

  • In acrylic dispersions, Hema-P acts as an adhesion promoter and anti-corrosive agent (e.g., DTM);
  • In structural acrylic adhesives, Hema-P increases adhesion to polar substrates and improves corrosion resistance;
  • In emulsions for wood, textile or paper coatings, Hema-P enhances the flame-retardancy; and
  • To cast PMMA, Hema-P brings flame-retardancy without compromising transparency or mechanical properties.

Hema-P also reportedly has a high monoester content to help ensure quality performance.

The company states that it is also available in a low viscosity 70% solution in MMA for easier handling. Visiomer Hema-P 70M and the new Visiomer Hema-P 100 are reportedly available across the globe.


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