NJ Water Tower Undergoes Painting Project


Officials in New Jersey recently announced that the town of Seaside Park has begun a project to repaint and improve a water tank in the northern portion of the town.

According to a report from Lavallette-Seaside Shorebeat, the project involves the setup of a containment system, abrasive blasting and painting the Datur Avenue elevated water tank.

Project Details

The report adds that work on the Decatur Avenue water tank began earlier this month and is expected to wrap up by June. A  $745,900 contract was reportedly awarded to Brave Industrial Paint, of Long Branch, New Jersey, to complete the work.

The report states that the project will include the repainting of the exterior of the tank, though most of the work will occur inside the tank itself. The report states that coating the interior of the tank is the most important since a barrier coat can protect the tank’s performance and the water inside it.

Work on weekdays and Saturday is expected to begin at 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. There will reportedly be no work on Sundays.

“Although we understand this work will be causing a disturbance for the local neighborhood, unfortunately during the critical phase of the work when there is blasting and painting activities the usage of heavy machinery will be required,” a letter from the borough’s contractor said.

“We will be working tirelessly to execute the work within the proposed schedule with the intention to minimize as much as possible the duration of this project.”

Several years ago, a similar project was performed on the town's southern water tower near 13th Avenue.

More information on the project can be found here.

Previous News

In November 2023, the borough council reportedly voted to allocate $1,041,000 for the Decatur Avenue water tower maintenance project

“They’re going to go over the inside, check for leaks, get rid of the rust and paint it,” said Councilman Frank McHugh when the ordinance was introduced. “Then they’re going to paint the outside too. We just have to find the right vendor to do it.”

The report stated that it was expected for work on the Decatur Avenue water tower maintenance to take a shorter amount of time to complete since it does not have communications or cellular antennas attached to it.

The announcement for the maintenance projects came along with news that two new ordinances were introduced to fund the construction of a new well for Seaside Park’s water utility.

According to the report, digging of a new well was expected to be the most costly, though officials stated that it would end up costing just half the price of maintaining an existing one.

The new underground well was reportedly designed to tap into an aquifer hundreds of feet below to replace what has become known as Well 10.

The borough had reportedly set aside $2.6 million in bonds to establish the new well and treatment facility. Well 10 is not operable, and the cost of installing a treatment facility to ensure the water that is drawn from it is clean and clear would reportedly cost around $4 million.

Because of this, the decision was made to dig a new well with a built-in treatment facility that was expected to provide clean water immediately. Additionally, Well 10 was expected to be abandoned.

Other Water Tank Painting Projects

In December of last year, officials in Palm Coast, Florida, announced that the city’s water tower was receiving a new paint job to address signs of discoloration and external corrosion.

According to a release from the city, the project would mark the water tower’s first paint job since 2017 and was to feature Palm Coast’s new logo. The work was expected to take around three weeks to complete.

The release stated that the new project was expected to enhance the aesthetic appeal, while also acting as a major step in securing the structural integrity of this tower and ensuring its continued service.

Officials state that while painting was underway, the tower would be temporarily out of service. No water distruptions were anticipated due to abrasive blasting and painting activities conducted within fully enclosed spaces.

Additionally, the water plant’s high-service pumps would reportedly work to keep a stable pressure in the system during that period. The release added that variable pressures were not expected.

The release stated that the towers help maintain a consistent water supply by providing pressure to municipal water systems. Acting as reservoirs during times of excess production, water towers often reportedly release water during times of high demand to supplement the treatment plant's immediate supply.

Also, earlier this month, officials in Griffin, Georgia, stated that rehabilitation work would begin on the city’s Griffin Water Tower after workers determined the cause of a recent crack in the tank.

According to reports, water was seen and caught on video as it drained at a rate of four feet per hour from the tower, which sits near the Griffin Memorial Stadium on East Poplar Street.

A report from Fox 5 Atlanta added that images and videos of the water tower circulated in the city of nearly 24,000 residents at the time of the incident last week. Videos appeared to show the water gushing from the bottom of the tank near one of the seams.

In an initial WSB report, locals told reporters that an explosion could be heard before people began to see water coming out of the tank.

A report from Atlanta News First added that, in response to the incident, the city shut down streets near the tower. Firefighters also reportedly evacuated around 100 employees and customers of nearby businesses and cleared the area around the spill as a precaution.

Officials told residents that there was enough water in the reservoir for use, making the possibility of a water outage unlikely. Additionally, structural engineers were scheduled to inspect the tank and would be making the necessary repairs.

In addition to the worries over a structural collapse, residents were reportedly also wary of the potential damage that the cracking and draining of the tower could do to the nearby cemetery.

At the time, there was no word on the timeline for when the repairs would be complete.


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