Company Completes Nano-Coatings Funding Round


Nano coatings company Naco Technology recently announced the completion of a €1.2 million ($1,313,736) pre-Series A funding round to use nano-coatings to enhance green energy systems within Europe.

According to the release, this funding is co-led by investment startup Impact Ventures and deep-tech-oriented fund The Untitled Ventures.

"At Impact Ventures, our focus is on empowering companies that drive significant environmental and societal impact in the EU. Investing in Naco Technologies aligns perfectly with our mission, as they play a crucial role in advancing green hydrogen technology,” said Gergely Iváncsics, Investment Director, Impact Ventures.

Naco Technologies reportedly has reached multiple milestones in securing its role in the green energy transition, including:

  • Developing nano-coatings that can enhance the efficiency and longevity of electrolyzers and fuel cells;
  • Beginning strategic parnerships and collaborations with leading manufacturers in the green hydrogen sector; and
  • Contributing to advancing sustainable technologies that support the shift to renewable energy sources.

"We are inspired by Naco Technologies' commitment to the green energy transition. Their groundbreaking nano-coating technology is not just innovative; it's essential for the future of sustainable energy. We're proud to support their vision and expansion,” said Oskar Stachowiak, Managing Partner, The Untitled Ventures.

With the new funding, Naco Technologies is planning to:

  • Scale operations internationally to establish a presence in strategic markets to help global partnerships and client relationships, mainly with electrolyzer and fuel cell manufacturers;
  • Expand research and development in nano-coatings to improve green hydrogen production and consumption; and
  • Enhance its team and facilities by investing in talent and state-of-the-art infrastructure to maintain a growing demand for green hydrogen technologies.

"This investment is a pivotal step for us. It enables Naco Technologies to accelerate our contributions to the green energy sector, particularly in enhancing the cost efficiency and impact of green hydrogen systems. We're grateful for the support from Impact Ventures and The Untitled Ventures, and excited for what lies ahead,” stated Aleksandrs Parfinovics, CEO and Co-founder of Naco Technologies.


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