FL City to Repaint Water Tower


Officials in Palm Coast, Florida, have announced that the city’s water tower is receiving a new paint job to address signs of discoloration and external corrosion.

According to a release from the city, the project will mark the water tower’s first paint job since 2017 and will feature Palm Coast’s new logo. The work is expected to take around three weeks to complete.

About the Project

The release states that the new project is expected to enhance the aesthetic appeal, while also acting as a major step in securing the structural integrity of this tower and ensuring its continued service.

Officials state that while painting is underway, the tower will be temporarily out of service. No water distruptions are anticipated due to abrasive blasting and painting activities conducted within fully enclosed spaces.

Additionally, the water plant’s high-service pumps will reportedly work to keep a stable pressure in the system during this period. The release adds that variable pressures are not expected.

"We appreciate the community's patience during this necessary maintenance," said Utility Director Stephen Flanagan. “The paint job and addition of our newly adopted City logo are not just cosmetic enhancements but essential steps in preserving the functionality and longevity of this critical piece of our water infrastructure.”

The city explains that water towers, or elevated tanks, play a large role in storing water for multiple uses such as drinking, irrigation and fire suppression. Elevated tanks use gravity to keep steady water pressure, coming in diverse shapes, sizes and materials to fit the specific needs of the distribution area.

The elevation of these tanks reportedly aids in regulating the system’s pressure through gravity by means of their elevation above ground level, cutting back on the need for constant pump operation.

In Palm Coast, the water facility's high-service pumping system reportedly works in collaboration with the water tower.

The release states that the towers help maintain a consistent water supply by providing pressure to municipal water systems. Acting as reservoirs during times of excess production, water towers often reportedly release water during times of high demand to supplement the treatment plant's immediate supply.

The release also urges residents to keep an eye out for the reveal of the newly painted water tower, which will reportedly be a “symbol of Palm Coast's commitment to both functionality and community identity.”

Recent FL Water Tower Work

In November, an almost 100-year-old water tower in Tampa, Florida, was reportedly set to be cleaned and receive a new coat of paint, potentially including a welcome sign for the city.

According to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, work on the 214-foot-tall Sulphur Springs water tower was expected to cost around $300,000 and needed 150 gallons of white paint and an anti-graffiti coating.

The structure reportedly sits by I-275 at Florida Avenue and Bird Street in the neighborhood of Sulphur Springs.

Reports stated that expectations for the tower’s new design had included the idea of painting it with a “welcome-to-Tampa sentiment,” like the yellow-domed water tank across town in West Tampa.

However, concerns had arisen pertaining to how painting a sign directly on the 96-year-old Sulphur Springs tower could have affected its status as a historic building. Instead, according to the report, the tower could have ended up using lighting or projected signs for the same purpose.

More projects were also reportedly scheduled for the city’s 12.5-acre River Tower Park, a park along the Hillsborough River where the tower is located.

According to Debi Johnson, president of the nonprofit River Tower Foundation, the grass roots River Tower Festival was approaching on Nov. 11 with bands, drinks, food trucks and events for kids. The 1927 tower’s makeover “will be a nice backdrop for the festival,” said McGregor.

According to the report, the project was expected to take several weeks to complete, depending on the weather conditions.

The report added that in the 1950s, the 21-story tower was the central point of the Tower Drive-In movie theater. Decades later, the town devised to build a hotel-office project there in the struggling neighborhood, though that fell through.


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