New Product Announcement: Rust Prevention Solution


Global specialty chemicals company Elementis recently introduced a new protective solution meant to fight off rust and corrosion in aqueous paint systems.

According to the company’s release, Nalzin FA 180 begins as a water-dispersible solution before transforming into a non-water dispersible, insoluble zinc compound during the film drying process. 

About the Product

Elementis states that its new product is made to mix with a range of water-dilutable paint systems. Nalzin FA 180 is reportedly an organic zinc complex with a low nitrite addition and can be mixed into various applications, including water-dilutable alkyds, acrylics, epoxies and dispersion paints.

The release states that a key feature is Nalzin’s ability to prevent flash rust, the formation of rust during the drying process of aqueous paint systems on iron-containing substrates. It reportedly addresses this issue to ensure that surfaces stay free of rust during the drying phase.

Additionally, Nalzin FA 180 can reportedly improve the rust-resisting capabilities of the dry paint layer, preventing in-can corrosion during storage.

Elementis states that other features of the Nalzin FA 180 system include:

  • An affinity for iron substrates: Nalzin FA 180 forms a bond with iron substrates, helping to prevent flash rust and preserving the appearance of painted surfaces;
  • Decreased water sensitivity: Nalzin FA 180 remains effective in the presence of water to help ensure durability in various conditions;
  • Anionic passivated layer: the product forms an anionic passivated layer that works to inhibit corrosion after the film has dried, encouraging long-term rust protection;
  • In-Can Rust Inhibitor: Nalzin FA 180 can serve as an in-can rust inhibitor, prolonging the shelf life of paint systems; and
  • Improved weathering: Nalzin FA 180 can help strengthen paint systems to withstand the test of time and weather, preserving their appearance.

Nalzin FA 180 will reportedly be manufactured in China, and the company plans to consolidate its position in the regions it works in, including China, Southeast Asia and other markets.


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