OR Bridge Repaired Early, Under Budget


The Oregon Department of Transportation recently announced that a multiple-year-long project to repair and coat an iconic bridge on the Oregon coast has been completed early and under budget.

According to ODOT's release, crews had been working on the Yaquina Bay Bridge on Highway 101 in Newport, Oregon, since the beginning 2020. The project was meant to ward off corrosion from the saltwater breeze, repair damaged concrete and protect the span against possible earthquakes.

About the Project

According to a report from KPIC, crews completed the restoration project about six months early and about $2 million under budget.  Another report from KLCC states that the entire project cost around $30 million dollars and will not be the last time crews are hired to work on the 87-year-old structure.  

“These bridges on the Oregon coast undergo a lot of drama. From the salt water, the wear and tear (from) the heavy traffic on 101. These bridges really need to be restored after a time,” ODOT spokesperson Mindy McCartt stated.

“I never love to say the word done, because it’s just done for now. These bridges take care and maintenance over the lifetime of the bridges, so there’s always going to be a future project. We’re just hoping that it won’t be a future project for several years.”

The Beach Connection states that the project began in the spring of 2020, when ODOT launched an upkeep effort which involved restoring the bridge's look and structural integrity. Subsequently, the work has reportedly expanded the structure’s lifespan and has given it a much-needed cleaning. 

The Yaquina Bay Bridge was reportedly designed by Oregon State University professor Conde McCullough, who also designed 11 other bridges in Oregon, many on the coast. ODOT states that the Yaquina Bay Bridge was opened to traffic in 1936 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. 

"We completed the project six months ahead of time, significantly reducing project management and overhead costs," ODOT told The News Guard. "This achievement speaks volumes about the efficiency and dedication of the project team.

"These improvements make sure the bridge can better handle challenges from nature and earthquakes," the agency officials added. "We want to thank the Newport community and everyone who helped make this project a success. The Yaquina Bay Bridge is a great example of what we can achieve when we work together with expertise and a shared commitment to our infrastructure's well-being."

Work Background

In November 2018, The Oregon Department of Transportation awarded a contract in the amount of $2,342,995 for the coating of the Yaquina Bay Bridge to Certified Coatings Company, of Fairfield, California. 

This project involved coating the bridge, which spans 3,223 feet over Yaquina Bay. The bridge was constructed by Gilpin Construction Company of Portland.

The project included lump sum items for surface preparation and coating application. The steel was abrasive blast-cleaned according to Near-White standards (SSPC-SP 10 or NACE No. 2) with the blast-cleaned surfaces closely approximating Pictorial Standard SP 10 of SSPC-Vis 1, or cleaned to Very Thorough Waterjet standards (SSPC-SP WJ-2) with the appearance of the water-jetted surfaces to closely approximate Pictorial Standard WJ-2 of SSPC-Vis 4.

The steel was then coated with a three-coat organic zinc system. The owner-approved manufacturers were Carboline, Sherwin-Williams and Wasser. A coating system warranty and supplemental warranty performance bond in the sum of $1,500,000 was also required.

The project included preparation and coating of the existing steel floor system on both deck arch spans No. 1 and No. 3. The through-arch span No. 2 did not receive coating.

The project also included Commercial Power Tool Cleaning (SSPC-SP 15) and application of primer to rivets and bolts that were replaced.

The existing coatings contained lead and chromate. Containment and waste disposal to SSPC Guide 7 was required along with soluble salt testing and removal.


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