New Product Announcement: Benchtop Spectrophotometer


Worldwide partner of the automotive, paint and plastics industries BYK-Gardner has announced the availability of its new color2view benchtop spectrophotometer for color measurement.

According to the company’s emailed release, the product combines multiple different measurement methods to provide an “objective eye” for evaluating visual color impressions. 

The color2view reportedly uses circumferential illumination at 45 degrees with 0-degree viewing to measure color as it would typically be seen. The circumferential illumination from 10 directions, the company stated, can help to ensure repeatable measurement results on textured surfaces.

Also with color, 20-degree and 60-degree gloss are stated to be measured to discern between medium gloss and high gloss samples.

The spectrophotometer reportedly comes with a fluorimeter for predicting lightfastness by calculating fluorescence. The company adds that calculated color change after fluorescence degradation is displayed with CIELAB and DE data. 

The combination of a spectrophotometer and a fluorimeter, the company explains, could open new opportunities for controlling color quality and maintaining long-term color stability.

The release added that color2view Pro can offer a “Jetness Mode,” designed to measure deep and deepest black with high accuracy.

The instrument can reportedly be rotated to conform to the orientation of the "top or front port,” of one's personal needs or sample size and shape. Operation through the color touchscreen is icon-based and similar to using a smartphone.

The addition of an integrated camera also reportedly permits a live preview of the measurement spot to prevent false readings on imperfections or scratches and ensures precise positioning of the sample. Additionally, color2view includes a storage compartment for standards and a smart sample holder.

The sample holder can reportedly be stored flat in the housing of the instrument when not in use and be parked at several positions on its way to the measurement area. The color2view X models can also be used with interchangeable apertures to measure small to large samples, BYK says.

The company stated that its extra-large measurement spot has homogenous illumination and can provide repeatable and representative readings. The company also stated that accuracy and inter-instrument agreement are ensured and can help to allow for the use of digital standards. 

According to the release, digital standards are now reportedly implemented and can be exchanged between benchtops and portable color instruments without additional profiling.


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