New Product Announcement: Adhesion Promoter


Global specialty materials company Eastman has announced its newest adhesion promoter, Advantis adhesion promoter, reportedly meant to limit or remove materials of concern.

According to the release, the new product will reportedly help to keep paint and coatings users compliant with regulatory changes, specifically those that are coming to the European Union later this year.

“With materials like cumene being recategorized as carcinogens, formulators have two choices—continue to use these materials with their new hazardous labeling, or switch to solutions that limit or remove these materials. Eastman’s Advantis adhesion promoters offer a simple alternative to help our customers remain compliant without the need for reformulation,” said Tom Klug, segment market manager for Eastman’s automotive coatings business.

Advantis products reportedly consist of modified polypropylene and polyethylene polymers that adhere better to untreated plastics and other “difficult-to-bond-to surfaces.”

“Advantis solutions improve adhesion in three ways—as a primer between the substrate and subsequent coating, as a primer or tie coat between coating layers and as a stir-in formulation additive,” said Doug Wagner, technology director in Eastman’s coatings business.

“Formulators tell us that reclassification of materials is a major trend across our industry, so we developed these new products as drop-in alternatives to formulations benefiting from our traditional promoters. One immediate challenge faced by formulators is the upcoming EU reclassification of cumene as carcinogenic category 1B. Our Advantis adhesion promoters are a solution that enables customers to avoid relabeling concerns of their current coatings products.”

Advantis was reportedly developed as a drop-in alternative to formulations that use traditional Eastman adhesion promoters. The company states that for those using non-Eastman products, an experienced team of technical specialists can help find the right Advantis solution.

Eastman says that Advantis adhesion promoters are commercially available as solutions, water-based dispersions and solid resins.


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