New Product Announcement: IGL Marine Lineup

TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2023

IGL Coatings, a global manufacturer of surface protection materials, recently announced the release of six new cleaning and maintenance products in its Marine Solutions series, including its new ceramic coating, EcoCoat Marine.

According to the release, the new cleaning and maintenance products are reportedly made with sustainable ingredients and focus on addressing pressing issues such as cleaning scum, mold, mildew and water stains and more.

IGL states that their new cleaning and maintenance series is designed for everyday marine use, on and off boats and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater.

Products in the Marine Solutions lineup include:

  • Intense Lite - An all-round, all-purpose lightweight cleaner that tackles everyday grime, fish blood, scum and overall cleaning;
  • Intense - A concentrated all-purpose product that tackles tougher stains and “nastier” situations;
  • Vanish - Designed to clean and remove mold and mildew stains, clean up leather, vinyl, safety jackets and more;
  • Erase - A marine-grade version of its immensely popular water spot remover, Ecoclean Delete, designed to tackle water stains, saltwater, and more;
  • Ecocoat Marine - A 10H ceramic coating for marine use, developed specifically for high UV and salt resistance, recommended for vessels and aquatic structures such as piers; and
  • Prep - A surface preparation spray designed for used after paint correction, this product dissolves and removes leftover polish, wax, glue, grease and oil, leaving the surface clean and ready for a ceramic coating.

IGL stated that that its EcoCoat Marine coating is REACH 10H compliant, and that the company uses “low- and zero-VOC" formulas in their products.

“For almost a decade, we [have been] well-known in the automotive industry ... for the past years, we’ve been diligently researching, innovating and developing fantastic new products specifically for marine settings,” said Keong Chun Chieh, Managing Director and CEO of IGL Coatings.

“After years of R&D, Marine Solutions is now a reality, today,” Keong continued.


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