New Product Announcement: Thermal Spraying System

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023

Castolin Eutectic, a manufacturer in the protective coatings industry, recently announced the release of their XupersoniClad, supersonic spraying technology. This new product reportedly helps to protect components, vessels and structures from abrasion, erosion and wear.

Reportedly developed from a high-velocity air-fuel (HVAF) process, XupersoniClad applies abrasion-resistant coatings in forms such as metal, carbide and metal alloy powders. The company states that this product can provide a solution for new-generation high entropy alloy (HEA) coatings.

Xupersoniclad, the company states, could help industries that require enhanced abrasion, wear and erosion resistance. The product can reportedly benefit the production of concrete, brick and tile, as well as vessel and boiler interiors.

XupersoniClad also reportedly allows for the application of various coatings like nickel alloys, carbide coatings and low melting point metal spraying. The product can be used across various industries such as chemical, waste-to-energy, and biomass plants, as well as sectors that require increased resistance to surface abrasion, corrosion protection and friction coefficient improvement.

Castolin Eutectic states that XupersoniClad can apply coatings to pipes with an internal diameter as low as 80 millimeters. Additionally, the capability for hot grit blasting could reportedly accelerate this process.

XupersoniClad reportedly integrates grit blasting in its surface preparation, prior to its “warm spraying process.” The product operates at lower temperatures and at a higher particle velocity, which the company states makes it useful for almost any common thermal spray materials, aside from ceramics.

Castolin Eutectic says that the benefits of XupersoniClad include a range of coating thicknesses with “minimal heat input” into the substrate, low deformation and a smooth, ductile finish for creation of a microstructure that is reportedly “ideal” for corrosion resistance. The company also reports that the new product can mitigate the damaging effects of cavitation on liquid pumps, propellers, impellers and control valves.

Additionally, the process also offers the capacity to apply thin, layered coatings while maintaining high bond strength and resistance to “stress-induced delamination.”

The approach, the company says, also extends to protection against cavitation as it can reportedly resist chock waves that would “typically damage traditional hard coatings.”

Castolin Eutectic has also reportedly upgraded their facility in Belgium with a mobile container for “on-site services.” The upgrade will reportedly help to ensure accuracy and repeatability with the help of a cobot to manage larger projects.


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