SWR Institute Announces 2022 Project Winners


The Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute recently announced the winners of its 2022 project awards via emailed press release.

“It’s that time of year again when SWR Institute honors the most notable and impressive projects in the industry. Every project has its unique challenges and accomplishments and we want to shine a BIG light on 2022’s project award winners,” wrote the institute.

“Plus, we also want to say thanks to our team of esteemed judges, who took on the difficult task of evaluating all the project award submissions.”

Award of Excellence Winner

This year, the Award of Excellence was presented to the $26 million Franklin Field Stadium restoration and waterproofing project in Philadelphia, which took 1,013 calendar days. According to the release, the stadium is a historical icon for athletics.

The project was reportedly awarded due to the amount of work performed successfully and safely, making it a testament to the planning, problem solving and execution of all involved parties.

“Throughout the project, the team performed restoration and waterproofing to five grandstand sections. This totaled over 8,000 bags of concrete repair material installed, 500,000 [square feet] of waterproofing coating replacement, and the installation of over 77,000 anodes all while maintaining the use of the main facility to the athletes,” noted the institute in its release.

“The magnitude of some of these work items made this project one of the largest we have ever completed with over 135,000 total manhours worked with zero serious safety incidents or recordables.”

Trinity Project Award ‘Restoration’ Winner

The restoration of the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta was awarded the Trinity Project Award for “Restoration.”

The project team, including Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc.; contractor Mark 1 Restoration; and manufacturer Boston Valley Terra Cotta LLC reportedly developed a unique design-build approach to restore the terra cotta, while other teams considered complete dismantlement and replacement with alternate materials.

The $20 million restoration of the historic building, completed over 730 calendar days, is “worthy of award consideration due to the extensive restoration that was completed in an urban environment while maintaining an active civil courthouse.”

The restoration of the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta was awarded the Trinity Project Award for “Restoration.”

The repair approach restored many building structural elements while preserving the historic appearance of the building.

“An extensive restoration of the Lewis R. Slaton Courthouse’s terra cotta facade and slate roof breathed new life into a building that was in disrepair. Funded by Fulton County, Georgia, the $20 million design/build renovation of the courthouse was completed in 2021,” wrote the SWR Institute.

“The collaboration of the three SWR Institute member companies was critical in restoring this iconic building in downtown Atlanta on time and under budget.”

Trinity Project Award ‘Sealant’ Winner

Finally, in the “Sealant” category, the award was presented to the Broward Financial Centre face sealant repairs project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The $1.83 million project addressed water leakage and coating issues with an innovative and technologically-forward approach.

This project showcased consistent and positive collaboration among the team, which included the owner, architect/engineer and contractor Western Specialty Contractors, and manufacturer Dow Silicones. Routinely performed site safety protocols and quality control testing reportedly led the project team’s priorities.

Finally, in the “Sealant” category, the award was presented to the Broward Financial Centre face sealant repairs project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

SWR Institute reports that despite the global pandemic, the repairs were completed while minimizing the construction impacts on the community and environment.

“The Broward Financial Centre is a 325,492 square foot 24-story Class A office building with two flanking six-story parking garage structures located in the Central Business District of Fort Lauderdale. The iconic building was constructed in approximately 1986 and has an architecturally unique stepped ‘wedding cake’ design that incorporates large terrace roof areas at tower setbacks,” wrote the Institute.

“Over the course of the building’s history, the enclosure was subject to several hurricanes, and notably sustained significant damage to the glass façade following Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Previous repairs to address the hurricane damage resulted in conditions that ultimately necessitated creative solutions in the recent restoration project.”


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