New Product Announcement: Sustainable Methacrylic Resin


Global supplier of methacrylate chemicals Röhm recently introduced a new sustainable product range for the coating and adhesives industry. Degalan proTerra reportedly consists of 35% material from recycled polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) to support the circular economy.

Additionally, it achieves an approximately 15% reduction in product carbon footprint to contribute to climate protection, the company says. These numbers are in comparison to current resins made from fossil-based raw materials.

“We aim for zero: We want to achieve zero Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) by 2050 and want to contribute to circular economy. This ambition is shared by more and more players in coatings and adhesives industry,” wrote the company

“Achieving such sustainability goals requires pooling every effort and endeavor across the entire value chain. We are going to use technological innovation and capital investment to tailor our processes to ever more environmentally friendly production methods.”

According to Röhm, Degalan proTerra is a sustainable drop-in alternative for solvent-borne coatings that offers:

  • Reduced carbon footprint (CO2 emissions);
  • Use of circular material;
  • High solids with low solvent content;
  • Low viscosity and quick drying; and
  • Excellent weatherability and appearance.

“Understanding the demand from customers, investors and society has led to developing our new DEGALAN proTerra product range. We are making a difference in the coatings and adhesives industry to protect the climate and save resources,” the company explained.


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