South Korea Develops AI-Based Color Matching


South Korean chemical company KCC Corporation has reportedly developed the first artificial intelligence-based color matching and design system for the paint industry. According to reports, the K-Smart system can complete the color mixing process from combination design in five minutes.

The system was created from KCC's paint technology and color information data convergence over 50 years. This data, combined with AI, can reportedly provide color information required by various industrial sites and general consumers.

Korea IT Times reports that when a consumer orders paint, K-Smart analyzes similar colors based on the database. It can then mix the optimal color through its color combination design and quality verification system.

The system is anticipated to contribute to the efficiency and stabilization of operation, creating a system that can easily and quickly match various colors. Reports indicate that the current color matching system in the paint industry was designed by an overseas company, so it can take a lot of time to request system improvement and receive feedback.

“K-SMART is a smart factory platform that implements advanced manufacturing innovation using AI technology,” said a KCC official. “It is expected to be of great help to the market with differentiated competitiveness, as well as quality and service improvement.”

The company reportedly estimates that K-Smart will improve technology and quality, making it useful for urgent orders including weekends and nights if commercialized.

The system is available 24 hours a day on mobile and computer devices, allowing users to match colors and respond quickly to urgent orders. The K-Smart system was the result of a three-month pilot program and is expected to be implemented nationwide throughout March.

Other Color Matching Tools

In April last year, the Nix Color Sensor was awarded the 2022 Red Dot Design Award for its Spectro 2 spectrophotometer in the international competition’s product design category.

According to Nix, the company’s Spectro 2 is the world’s first portable spectrophotometer. The device allows users to scan objects or surfaces for capturing spectral color data, which can then be used digitally to communicate, analyze and adjust color in a number of ways for numerous business types.

In December 2021, global color and design company Pantone LLC announced the release of the latest version of their digital color platform, Pantone Connect. The platform provides designers access to over 15,000 Pantone colors, color capture tools, custom palettes and more.

According to the release, Pantone Connect originally launched in April 2020, with the Pantone Color Match Card update in June 2020, to “adapt to a new creative and working environment that has merged physical and digital like never before due to the pandemic.”

In July that year, color management solutions company Datacolor announced that it teamed up with RAL Colours for the launch of its latest color tool, the RAL Color Reader.

Like Nix, the tool reportedly allows the user to scan any flat surface and instantly find its RAL color match via the companion app.

In addition to providing accurate color matches, according to the companies, users can tap on their color match to find coordinating colors, conveniently organized into monochromatic, analogous, triad and complementary color palettes, simplifying and facilitating the color matching and coordinating processes.

That same month, Datacolor announced the expansion of its high-efficiency benchtop spectrophotometer series. The announcement arrived as the company introduced two new models of close-tolerance benchtop spectrophotometers designed for high efficiency and confidence in color formulation and quality control.

According to Datacolor, the economical Spectro 700V vertical configuration enables customers to measure greater variety of samples, while the Spectro 1000X has an upward-facing aperture ideal for liquid, paste, powder and granular samples.

Both models allow users to have greater confidence in their color measurements thanks to the equipment’s ability to capture temperature, the company says. Datacolor further reports that the essential new quality control feature is beneficial for those who work with materials that need be within certain temperature ranges to assure accurate color measurement.


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