New Product Announcement: Epoxy Silane Additive


Global manufacturer of specialty silicones and silicone additives BRB International recently released an epoxy functional silane oligomer for water-based products. BRB Silanil 533 ESO reportedly provides better stability than monomeric epoxy silanes due to less hydrolysis sensitivity of its oligomeric structure.

Containing gamma-glycidoxy groups and methoxy groups, the product also reportedly requires less emission of methyl alcohol upon hydrolysis compared to monomeric epoxy silanes. BRB also reports that it provides greater grafting efficiency on polymer chains containing amino, hydroxyl or carboxyl functional groups because it has a higher content of epoxy groups per molecule.

BRB Silanil 533 ESO can be used as a coupling agent in metallic pigment coatings and a crosslinker for polymer modification, as well as an adhesion promoter in coatings and adhesives.

The additive reportedly improves dispersion ability of metallic fillers or pigments in water-based system, such as epoxy coatings containing zinc or other metallic pigments.

Additionally, BRB Silanil 533 ESO modifies polymer structures when added into polymerized water-based resins such as acrylic latexes. The company reports that is recommended to add directly into a resin, without the presence of other additives or pigments.

It also amplifies the adhesion performance of coatings and adhesives on inorganic surfaces in solvent-based and water-based resins. It is recommended by BRB to directly add the product into a resin that is the same as the application in the crosslinker.


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