Elevation Awards Winner: Residential High-Rise


Technology Publishing Co. again partnered with the Commercial Painting Industry Association for the sixth annual commercial honors program, The Elevation Awards. For the first time since the program’s inaugural year, the competition underwent a restructuring, which involved redeveloping the program’s project categories and eligibility criteria.

This year’s group of outstanding projects completed between January 1, 2021, and July 15, 2022, recognized an impressive collective of not just commercial painting contractors, but also architects, interior designers, decorative artisans, manufacturers and suppliers throughout the industry.

In the coming weeks, PaintSquare Daily News will be highlighting this year’s winners in each category to celebrate commercial painting greatness. All winning projects are featured in the winter issue of Commercial Painting.

In the “Multifamily/Residential High-Rise” category, the award is given for the effective use of coatings and other decorative treatments to achieve interior and/or exterior aesthetic effects on a high-end residential structure.

Assessed by our panel of painting experts, the following project was awarded in the program’s “Multifamily/Residential High-Rise” category:

Halstead Exterior Repaint

Launching back in June 2021, W.T. Kenney & Co., Inc. spent six months on towers at the Apartments at Halstead Framingham in Massachusetts to bring color to the neighborhood.

“When it comes to painting, masonry can be a fickle partner for painters,” wrote Brian Jurgens, W.T. Kenney. “If it’s done improperly, peeling, cracking and efflorescence all can be problems that rear their ugly heads down the line. For homeowners and building owners alike, it’s extremely important to hire a painting contractor skilled at working on one of the more challenging substrates.”

It is for these reasons, it is paramount for the commercial coatings contractor to have a strong knowledge of proper product and surface preparation. To complete the job, facility owners selected W.T. Kenney, a fourth-generation commercial painting firm that has been known to complete up to 500 commercial jobs in a single year.

For the project, crews first pressured washed each vertical masonry tower. This was then followed by the application of sealer and two coats of a spray-applied finish. The method of application was selected to ensure that the paint found its way into all the nooks and crannies of the fluted block. Each of the 504 patio panels was degreased, primed and painted as well.

In total, crews worked on 20 vertical masonry towers and 504 individual patio panels. Two aerial boom lifts carried two crew members at a time, each rising to heights as much as 80 feet from June through November. 

Launching back in June 2021, W.T. Kenney & Co., Inc. spent six months on towers at the Apartments at Halstead Framingham in Massachusetts to bring color to the neighborhood.

The seven-story fluted block masonry towers required nearly 1,200 gallons of paint and primer, and a couple hundred more for the panels.

This project was completed on Nov. 4, 2021.

Products used for the project included Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Masonry Interior/Exterior 100% Acrylic Sealer 608 and Benjamin Moore Exterior Aura, Multi-Purpose Cleaner N318 and Corotech Waterborne Bonding Primer.


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