2022 Elevation Awards Winner: New Construction


Technology Publishing Co. again partnered with the Commercial Painting Industry Association for the sixth annual commercial honors program, The Elevation Awards. For the first time since the program’s inaugural year, the competition underwent a restructuring, which involved redeveloping the program’s project categories and eligibility criteria.

This year’s group of outstanding projects completed between January 1, 2021, and July 15, 2022, recognized an impressive collective of not just commercial painting contractors, but also architects, interior designers, decorative artisans, manufacturers and suppliers throughout the industry.

In the coming weeks, PaintSquare Daily News will be highlighting this year’s winners in each category to celebrate commercial painting greatness. All winning projects are featured in the winter issue of Commercial Painting.

In the “New Construction” category, the award is given for the effective use of coatings and other decorative treatments to achieve interior and/or exterior aesthetic effects on a new construction project—such as those used for retail, hospitality, lodging or entertainment—or a public building, such as a legislative chamber, a school or a railway station.

Assessed by our panel of painting experts, the following project was awarded in the program’s “New Construction” category.

The Nvidia Voyager Project

The Nvidia Voyager project is the second Nvidia Headquarters facility built in Santa Clara, California. Magnum Drywall Painting & Wallcovering Division was contracted for the project after they had helped to successfully complete the Nvidia Endeavor in 2017.

Serving as the architect, Gensler worked to design the new 750,000-square-foot facility known as the Nvidia Voyager. In 2019, Magnum applied intumescent coatings to the primary steel beams at the high-overhead ceiling areas and the columns throughout—many measuring 85 feet in height. The steel was previously shop-primed off-site by the steel subcontractor; however, the contractors noted that sections of the steel had transportation and erection damage which had been spot-rusted. 

Another notable challenge over the course of the eight-month intumescent scope was applying the paint in two very different temperature periods: September-October and January-March. As a result of moisture from a roofing issue, crews experienced coating failures on 19 columns, which required removal, surface preparation and reapplication. This portion of the project was completed in April 2020.

For the wallcovering portion of the project, Magnum worked alongside Sherwin-Williams as its architectural coatings partner. The scope included top-coating 620,000-square-feet of exposed ceiling areas, which included the intumescent primary beams and columns already finished, the secondary structural supports and the deck system at the high ceiling areas. This would also require the masking and protection of 246,852 square feet of glass and a curtain-wall system.  

Magnum Drywall Painting & Wallcovering Division was contracted for the project after they had helped to successfully complete the Nvidia Endeavor in 2017.

Other steel coated items included the window girt structure supporting the 65-foot-high curtain wall system, some 17 metal stairs, metal balcony railings, hollow-metal doors and door frames. Further, Magnum shared that it had applied coatings to over 445,000 square feet of interior wall surfaces, 896,000 square feet of parking garage walls, ceilings and columns on two underground floors. Almost 40,000 square feet of walls were also primed in preparation for the company’s wallcovering and acoustical wall panel scope. The biggest challenge faced for this portion of the project were raw material shortages and supply availability, according to Magnum.

In total, Magnum handled roughly $17 million of work in the entire painting scope. According to the company’s submission, Devcon Construction, Magnum, Carboline and Sherwin-Williams succeeded collaboratively in turning over a stunning facility on-time and within budget.

Products utilized throughout the project included Carboline ThermoSorb, Sherwin-Williams Acrolon 100, Sherwin-Williams Loxon Primer, Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Acrylic HP, Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 and Sherwin-Williams Super Paint.


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