New Product Announcement: Resealable Bubble Bags


Last month, corrosion-prevention company Cortec Corporation launched its new bubble film packaging with corrosion inhibitors for shipping and storing metal components. CorShield Resealable Bubble Bags and Static Shielding Bubble Bags reportedly combine corrosion inhibitors and cushioning packing bubbles to provide protection for components.

According to the emailed release, the air-filled bubbles provide protection and burst strength, with the ability to withstand high pressure with air retention properties. This allows them to stay inflated and provide long-lasting performance while protecting metals from damage, scratching and corrosion while in transit or storage.

Cortec reports that the recyclable and environmentally safe bags are developed at its Croatian EcoCortec plant, which also announced expansion plans earlier this year.

The bubbles, which use vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) technology, protect metals such as carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, silver and stainless steels, without leaving residue or film.

“Components that need protection are placed in the bags and in matter of hours, the vapor from the VpCI bubbles saturates the enclosed airspace. The VpCI vapor migrates through the air to reach all exposed metal surfaces,” writes the company.

“The VpCIs then condense, forming a thin, protective layer. CorShield VpCI Bubble Bags are designed for cushioning and surface protection applications.”

The CorShield Resealable Bubble Bags reportedly meet the NACE TM0208-2018 standard for corrosion protection, as well as German TL-8135-002 standards for corrosion protection. The bags, available now, come in customer requested dimensions.


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