New Product Announcement: Deaerator


Specialty chemicals company Evonik has recently added a new deaerator to its portfolio.

A new offering from the company’s Coating Additives business line, TEGO Airex 923 is a specially designed deaerator for radiation-cured wood coatings. Evonik reports that the deaerator is a highly compatible 100% active organic polymer that shows improved efficiency.

These types of UV-curable coatings are noted to have many advantages, including:

  • Being environmentally friendly;
  • Nearly universally applicable; and
  • Having a very fast, efficient and productive application process.

However, Evonik shares that these UV-curable coating systems can have foaming issues. Depending on the specific formulation characteristics and the choice of application conditions, Evonik offers defoamers and deaerators with a variety of application profiles.

With its latest development for radiation-curing of wood and furniture coatings, Evonik’s TEGO Airex 923 breaks down foam fast and efficiently preventing air inclusions and pinholes to form.

“This is particularly important in high viscosity, or high solids formulations where the concentrate provides outstanding compatibility,” wrote Evonik. “It can be used with multiple types of binders and many different ingredients. The polymer character and good compatibility of the product leads to excellent re-coatability and makes TEGO Airex 923 suitable even for clear coats with highest demands on optical appearance.”

In concluding its press release about the deaerator, Evonik added that TEGO Airex 923 overcomes traditional issues such as loss in transparency and protection due to foam, negatively impacting overall optical appearance, haptic and production efficiency.

The deaerator exhibits good flow behavior, making it easy to handle, according to Evonik. The product can be stored for a longer period of time and shows similarly high performance afterward.


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