Dunn-Edwards Announces 2023 Color of the Year


Last week, coatings company Dunn-Edwards Paints announced its 2023 Color of the Year.

Described as a deep, rosy pink hue with terra-cotta undertones, Terra Rosa (DE5096) as a muse is meant to exude confidence, inspire creativity and create a sense of coziness. The company adds that the cinnamon rose hue is “strong, yet approachable, and acts as a refreshing neutral updated to browns and burgundies.”

The 2023 color decision, the company says, was based on four key influences:

  • Health and wellbeing: In untangling ourselves from the emotional ties of the pandemic, we search for powerful and comforting hues that evoke strength and protection;
  • The trend of warming hues like reds and oranges: In the color word, there is an increased popularity in scorched-earth colors that also revolve around the feelings of strength and intensity;
  • An eye toward nostalgic times: Due to the uncertainties and rapid changes experienced as of late, there is a nostalgic craving for simpler, more romantic times; and
  • Nature: Emphasizing the importance on our reliance on the natural environment for physical, emotional and community healing.

Terra Rose is part of the company’s 2023 Color + Design Trends Life in Poetry collection, which features 12 pastel tones that create a soft, summer-like aesthetic with nods to flowers, fruits and nature.

“…Terra Rosa showcases living a life filled with joy and finding the beauty in everyday small pleasures,” Dunn-Edwards wrote in a COTY press release. “The grounding quiet comfort of Terra Rosa provides a touch of prettiness with the influence of pink, yet still can create drama with its deep value.”

Other palette collections this year include Live in Joy, Liberated Nomads and Well Intentions.

In addition to Dunn-Edwards’ Color + Design Trends palettes, the company also released six additional color palettes that incorporate Terra Rosa as the main hue. The palettes and descriptions are as follows:

  • Mad for Monochrome: A collection of ombre pinks, this palette includes sister colors to Terra Rosa such as a slightly lighter Victorian Rouge (DE5095) and an almost white-pink, Just Pink Enough (DE5091);
  • My First Crush: Colors that remind us of the Valentine’s Day holiday, this palette includes a white chocolate-like hue Romantic (DEW302) and deep red Le Corbusier Crush (DET421);
  • Health and Wellbeing: A collection of natural tones, this palette features a soft brown called Half Moon Bay Blush (DET457) and forest green hue dubbed Verdant View (DET508);
  • Introspection: This dreamlike collection features a variety of soft hues with gray undertones, among them are Clouded Vision (DE6380) and Gallery Gray (DE6072);
  • Ready for Fun!: Like its namesake, this collection of bold colors includes, among others, a bright red titled Red-y for Fun (DEFD14) and a dark blueish-green hue, LA at Night (DEFD48); and
  • Beach Day: A collection of coastal tones, this palette couldn’t go without a Lemon Gelato (DE5464) or White Sand (DEW336).

Though no color experts were quoted in this year’s announcement, Dunn-Edwards did include a short poem—fitting for its color collection—from the Terra Rosa color itself:

“Your dreams open like a flower, naturally optimistic, promising they will somehow explain the impossible. Warm, sun-kissed, nostalgic, yet ready for what’s to be.”


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