Cortec Announces New Chief Operations Officer


Last week, corrosion-prevention company Cortec Corporation announced the promotion of its Director of Manufacturing, Caleb Pheneger, to the position of Chief Operations Officer.

As COO, Pheneger will extend his support for projects and operations to the company’s Canadian subsidiary Bionetix. Additionally, he will oversee the manufacturing at five Cortec plants in the United States.

“Caleb’s excellent overall performance is what motivated me to promote him to the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO),” commented Boris Miksic, Cortec Founder and CEO. “I look forward to seeing him lead us to new levels of growth and continual improvement at Cortec Corporation with his hard work, dedication, and organizational insight.

“He is one of the most talented chemical engineers I have worked with during my 50 years in the specialty chemical industry manufacturing space, with good understanding of chemical processing, polymer compounding, extrusion, paper-coating technology, and organic synthesis.”

In his new role, his responsibilities will reportedly cover the following production areas:

  • Cortec Corporation World Headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota: Anticorrosion coatings, liquid rust preventatives, Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors for concrete, and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) emitting materials;
  • Cortec Advanced Films in Cambridge, Minnesota: VpCI films and bags, compostable films and bags;
  • Cortec Coated Products in Eau Claire, Wisconsin: VpCI coated papers, recyclable moisture barrier paper;
  • Cortec Spray Technologies in Spooner, Wisconsin: Chemical blending and packaging services for aerosol and liquid chemical formulations (contract filling, private labeling, and VpCI brand chemistries);
  • Cortec Biotechnology Campus in Sarasota, Florida: Anticorrosion coatings, liquid rust preventatives, and Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors for concrete; and
  • Bionetix International in Montreal, Quebec: Environmentally friendly biological products for cleaning, waste treatment, environmental remediation, and agricultural productivity.

Pheneger began working in Cortec Laboratories as a technical services engineer in 2012 before accepting the position of production manager at the company’s world headquarters in 2014. In his most recent role, over the past five years, he oversaw manufacturing at all Cortec U.S. plants

Pheneger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.


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