WEF Recognizes 2022 Excellence Award Recipients


The Water Environment Federation has recently announced the winners of its 2022 WEF Operational and Design Excellence Awards. According to the organization, these recipients are organized for the outstanding contributions to the water environment and solutions to operational challenges.

The categories are broken down into the Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award, the Innovation Technology Award, the Morgan Operational Solutions Award, the Schroepfer Innovative Facility Design Metal, the Water Quality Improvement Award and the WEF Project Excellence Award.

WEF Project Excellence Awards

According to the federation’s release, the annual Project Excellence Award pays tribute to excellence and innovation in the execution of projects and programs in the water sector. This year, three projects were recipients of the award.

The Boise Water Renewal Utility Plan, featuring honorees City of Boise, Idaho Water Renewal Services, and Brown and Caldwell, comprised of five facilities and approximately $3 billion in assets. Completed in 2020, a plan was created to align utility activities with community expectations to guide capital expenditures over a 10- and 20-year planning horizon.

In Virginia, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District Providence Road Offline Storage Facility and Woodstock Park Improvements include honorees Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Hazen and Sawyer and Crowder Construction. The project constructed a 5.2-million-gallon wastewater storage and pumping facility within the existing 13-acre Woodstock Park in Virginia Beach.

The park closed its doors in 2019 for the installation of the underground storage tank, with plans to be topped with a new 20,000-square-foot skate park.

“This facility is potentially like no other in the country due to a combination of the site’s dual uses, the size of the HRSD storage facility, the rainwater collection/reuse, the automated tank cleaning capabilities, educational opportunities, and park amenities that connect the recreational lives of the surrounding community,” wrote WEF.

Finally, the WSSC Water Seneca Water Resource Recovery Facility in Maryland was presented the award for its new science-based optimization approaches estimated to reduce energy and chemical costs by about $500,000 a year. This is anticipated to result in a decreased carbon footprint and reduced economic impact on WSSC Water ratepayers.

Additionally, plans are reportedly underway to expand the operation to the whole plant and implement at the rest of WSSC Water’s WRRFs. The project honorees include WSSC Water and Brown and Caldwell.

Other 2022 WEF Awards

The Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award is presented to a corporation that best demonstrates significant, lasting and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in the prevention of water quality degradation. This is demonstrated by innovative design and operation of an industrial wastewater, pretreatment or source prevention program.

This year, the award was received by Bush Brothers & Company in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, for a Process Water Reclamation Facility Design-Build. According to WEF, the company “has gone the extra mile in incorporating sustainability, reliability, flexibility, and environmental conservation.”

For the process water reclamation facility at the manufacturing plant, all the treated effluent is put back into use and all generated biogas are utilized as an additional fuel source. The engineer for the project was Brown and Caldwell, and the constructor was joint venture between Brown and Caldwell and Haskell Company.  

The Innovation Technology Award recognizes WEF Exhibitor Members who have introduced new innovative products or services related to the construction, operation, or maintenance of treatment facilities. The award was presented to three members this year, including Aquacycl, EnviroMix and GEA Group Biosolids:

  • BioMix-DC, created by EnviroMix, is a phosphorus reduction technology that acts as a refinement of the typical MLE configuration. The enhanced anaerobic stage increases VFA production, which increases phosphorus reduction while reducing energy consumption and chemical precipitation.
  • Aquacycl's microbial fuel cell for biochemical treatment reportedly delivers on a technology that has shown great promise but eluded commercialization. The ability of bacteria to oxidize organic matter and export electrons can both drive wastewater treatment and provide electricity.
  • A biosolid granulated created by GEA Group uses waste heat and a high-speed centrifuge to maximize the removal of water from sludge.

The Morgan Operational Solutions Award honors Philip F. Morgan, who served as professor of sanitary engineering at the State University of Iowa from 1948-1961. According to WEF, this award recognizes valuable contributions to the in-facility study and solution of operational problems.

Casey Mentzer, process engineer at the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility and member of the Nevada Water Environment Association, was presented the 2022 award for his research and solution to operational issues of an Ostara Pearl 2K reactor. According to the organization, Mentzer significantly increased plant production, decreased downtime, and saved costs.

Next, the Schroepfer Innovative Facility Design Medal was awarded to William Angoli, P.E., of the Central States Water Environment Assocation. This medal recognizes excellence in conceiving and directing the design of a project to achieve substantial cost savings or economic benefit, while achieving environmental objectives, in honor of WEF’s third president, George J. Schroepfer.

Angoli is a project manager with NEW Water in Green Bay, Wisconsin, having managed all major water reclamation facility projects over the past 30 years. He is responsible for the study, design, and construction of wastewater treatment facilities.

Finally, Maryland’s Anne Arundel County “Turnkey” Program was awarded the Water Quality Improvement Award for its highly efficient mechanism for supporting sustainable development. The award is presented annually to the water quality improvement program that best demonstrates significant, lasting, and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in prevention of water quality degradation in a region, basin, or water body.


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