New Product Announcement: Defect Detection Tech


Evonik's Coating Additives business line has recently launched a new tool for the digital analysis of coated test samples.

Prior to the launch of Coatino Defect Detection (CDD), laboratory personnel relied on visually evaluating samples when developing a new formulation, which can be very time-consuming and limits the scope for innovation.

“Coatino Defect Detection simplifies our customers' daily laboratory routine and frees them up for other important tasks,” explained Oliver Kröhl, Head of Strategic Business Development at Coating Additives, in a press release. “In addition, our digital solution delivers objectively reproducible results. This means that the evaluation of test samples no longer depends on the subjective assessment of laboratory personnel.”

Evonik went on to share that CDD's initial focus will be on pigmented systems in the architectural sector.

CDD precisely and objectively detects and evaluates coating defects within just a few seconds to deliver quantifiable and reproducible results. To compile a digital analysis of coatings and find defects, the technology incorporates an innovative digital image recognition system.  

More specifically, the coating defects are evaluated to an accuracy of a tenth of a percent and processed in a clear manner.

“For example, you can immediately see what percentage of the surface is affected by foam,” said Philipp Isken, COATINO Product Development. “Reference formulations or blank samples can also be added to more clearly highlight the performance of the tested formulations. Based on the data, you can select the best formulation for the specific application.”

While CDD was initially developed for pigmented systems in the architectural sector, the technology can also be used for formulations with defoamers. In these instances, the CDD tool measures defects such as micro- and macrofoam, cratering and incompatibilities.

The Coating Additives business line plans to add more industries and defect types to the tool. In the next stage of development, the Defect Detection will also independently suggest new formulations. Existing measurement results and the comparison of test series will serve as the data basis for these improved formulations.

The application runs browser-based, so no software needs to be installed on the PC. The test series are documented in the system and can thus be retrieved at any time. An integrated help center provides detailed answers to all questions regarding the required hardware or individual application steps.

Coatino Defect Detection is initially available free of charge to all registered users at


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