CQ Technology Institute Supports Graphene Tech


The ChemQuest Technology Institute recently entered a three-year, collaborative innovation agreement to support the growth and validation of Universal Matter’s graphene technology.

As part of ChemQuest’s Technology Development pillar, ChemQuest Technology Institute is focused on providing advanced formulation guidance, technology acceleration, raw material validation and performance testing equipment. These services are utilized by suppliers, manufacturers and users of formulated materials, such as coatings, adhesives, sealants and polymers.

Sustainable, Scalable Graphene Technology

Based on sustainable feedstocks, ChemQuest intends to explore the benefits of the graphene technology in applications for paints and coatings. The company also plans to identify the most valuable markets and opportunities for growth.

“Our team is excited to continue working with this unique and valuable material. Not only is Universal Matter’s graphene technology sustainable thanks to raw materials based on biological and circular sources – it is also economical, scalable and extremely high performing. This is because of its innovative and novel production process,” said Daniel Murad, CEO of The ChemQuest Group.

According to a press release issued by ChemQuest, Universal Matter produces its graphene using rapid, flash-fired bursts of electrical energy. The process enables the bonding of carbon into few layers of turbostratic graphene, as opposed to AB-stacked (Bernal) graphene, resulting in exceptional performance benefits in the target applications.

The flash process is modularized into compact manufacturing units and can be scaled by adding more modules of identical configuration. Many different carbon-based feedstocks can be transformed into high-purity turbostratic graphene using this flash process, the company adds.

In a prior collaboration, the company duo demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology in formulations for specific applications and performance.

“We look forward to building on our collaboration with Universal Matter and helping them to create higher performing, more sustainable formulated products,” Murad said. “We recently invested in the expansion of our R&D facilities. Our expanded resources will enable us to independently qualify and quantify the benefits of the technology in a diverse range of market applications, identify the most valuable opportunities and help to expedite their commercial feasibility and market entrance.”


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