Grass Paint Aids Lawn Aesthetic in MA Drought


While an ongoing drought has lawns in Massachusetts looking more brown than green, some residents have recently taken to new measures to keep their yards looking healthy.

To get the desired green hue that fills the state in the spring and summer months, residents have turned to paint to solve their aesthetic woes. Recently, WBZ News Radio representative Matt Shearer tried out some products on his own lawn.

For this experiment, Shearer reported that he tried several methods to apply paint to the grass in his year. In a TikTok video, viewers watched Shearer interview locals about the drought and test out his application methods.

Application methods included attempts with watercolors by artist brush and a paint tray and roller, in addition to the most successful method: watering down the paint and using a garden sprayer.

While Shearer did these on his own, he eventually reached out to lawncare company Lawn Star, which makes a paint that it reports is safe for people, animals, waterways and grass.

Referred to as grass paint, the product is actually a non-toxic pigment made from pulverized kaolin, a rock from where the clay mineral kaolinite is derived. Within this niche industry, though, some other grass paints have used decaying plants to create their natural green hue.

Shearer’s full audio report can be listened to here.

Painting Grass in the Past

Several years ago, residents in California turned to similar coatings products for their brown-stricken lawns.

“As soon as the water sanctions hit, and as soon as people find their water bills rising, they're looking for ways to cut back on their expenses, and that's when they start calling,” Kerri McCoy, a commercial lawn painter, told CBS affiliate KPIX 5 at the time.

McCoy said the paint is environmentally friendly and lasts about three months.

“Water is at a premium,” Shawn Sahbari, owner of a Los Gatos, California-based lawn painting company, told KPIX 5. During the drought, he added that his company was about 75% busier than usual and was involved with grass coatings at the Almaden Valley Athletic Club in San Jose.

Similarly to Lawn Star, Sahbari said the coating isn't actually paint, but rather a water-based solution similar to food coloring. According to the company's website, the product is an “advanced acqueous polymer formulation for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of grass and lawns on residential and commercial properties.”


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