New Product Announcement: Surface Protection Coating


Malaysian technology firm IGL Coatings recently announced the launch of its new graphene reinforced protection coating for a variety of surfaces. Ecocoat Armor, dubbed the “Ultimate Surface Protection Coating” by the company, is reported to increase the lifespan of wood, metals, paint and concrete.

According to the release, IGL has created coatings that resist UV weathering, chemicals and corrosion, but could not obtain scratch resistance. Founder Keong Chun Chieh explained that “the R&D team at IGL has been researching more ways that provides not only a high resistance to scratches but it must also have a consistent, fine, luxurious finish.”

Ecocoat Armor was reportedly tested for flexibility, impact resistance, chemical resistance and corrosion. Reinforced with graphene nanotubes, it performs “exceptionally” well against harsh environments.

Keong added that the new coating provides “boundless opportunities” for home and industrial use, with suitable applications on furniture, decks, fences, lawnmowers, shelving, machinery, vehicles and more. Ecocoat Armor also protects against UV, abrasion, impact and mechanical damage.

Additionally, the coating is waterproof and has anti-slip properties, providing extra grip for areas that frequently get wet or are near water applications.

IGL reports that the coating is formulated with less harmful ingredients, providing a “greener edge” against its competitors.

“Sustainability is important to everyone, especially to the IGL Family,” said Keong. “The creation of Armor adds value, increases the lifespan of equipment, valuables, assets, goods and so much more. This makes them last longer, increasing their output, life and appearance.”

Ecocoat Armor is currently available in North America and Malaysia.


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