Louis Vuitton Runway Features Paint Can Bag


French luxury fashion house and company Louis Vuitton recently unveiled it latest accessory to stir discussion online—a bag shaped like a paint can. The LV Paint Can Bag, designed by the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh, was spotted during the men’s fashion show earlier this year for Fall/Winter 2022.

The $2,850 bag is “roomy enough” to hold two phones and other personal items. It is also available in six colors from the designer’s signature palette, including green, purple, lagoon, red, yellow and orange.

Styled like a real paint can, the bag features a metal handle to hold the coated canvas and cowhide leather body. The exclusive bag is described by the company as a “wildly creative alternative to a conventional bag.”

Emblazoned with the fashion house’s logo, the exterior paint can also features print to resemble a real paint can such as a “Handle With Care” warning, color detail and flammable sign. It also contains one single main compartment with an opening tab.

However, the bag has divided fashion fans on social media, with some calling the accessory “horrible” or “ridiculous,” while others praised the “ridiculousness.”

“Since when carrying a paint can is considered fashion?” writes one Twitter user.

Also featured on the company’s website from Abloh is an “avant-garde” bag charm and key holder created to resemble a spray paint can. The $585 leather keychain is reportedly inspired by the designer’s interest in street art.

Louis Vuitton attributes the paint can design and others in the recent collection as Abloh’s “Boyhood ideology,” seeing the world through the eyes of a child. “Through this lens, the membrane between reality and imagination is nonexistent. Dreams can come true,” read the show notes.

The collection was reportedly 95% complete at the time of the fashion designer’s death in November last year. He also referenced paintings by Gustave Courbet and Giorgio de Chirico in wearable tapestries, as well as took inspiration from Salvador Dalí for a trunk design.

Reimagining the Paint Can

In addition to being a fashion accessory, paint cans have previously been conceptualized into other uses outside of the industry.

Back in 2014, Lithuanian ad agency McCann Vilnius canned a popular French wine in a limited-edition paint can. The wine, Beaujolais Nouveau, is a fruity red that hails from the Beaujolais province of France.

The paint can, labeled “Couleur Nouveau,” came with a color chart to achieve the perfect stained color on your teeth and lips. The inside of the cans were lined with plastic to preserve the wine's taste, but were recommended to drink in the first year, as Beaujolai Nouveau wines don't typically improve with age.

However, later that year, the paint can idea became the subject of a federal lawsuit against McCann Vilnius by Paradocx Vineyards of Landenburg, Pennsylvania. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, stated the vineyard had been using the paint-can idea since 2007 and has patents on the packaging dating to 2009.

Paradocx was issued U.S. patents on June 2, 2009, and March 2, 2010, for two “Recyclable Wine-Dispensing Container” designs, as well as U.S. registrations for the paint can mark used for wine, the suit says. According to the complaint, Paradocx developed its concept for marketing and distributing wine in paint containers in 2007; it has been selling “Whitewash” and “Barn Red” wines in cans ever since.

Paradocx was seeking action on seven counts: two counts of patent infringement of U.S. design patent, one count of federal trademark infringement, one count of federal false designation of origin and unfair competition, one count of unfair competition under the common law, one count of common law trademark infringement, and one count of unjust enrichment.

Paint cans were also reimagined for Axalta’s annual “Paint Outside the Can” contest in 2016, featuring a paint can transformed into an R2-D2 figure as the grand prize winner. Contest rules require participants to use a clean, empty, unused, standard one-gallon paint can as their canvas, and any of the Axalta brands of coating systems to realize their artistic vision. 

Other winning entries included a paint can that resembled a pineapple, as well as cands depicting scenes from “Ghostbusters.”


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