APC Strikes New Turkish Tanker Coatings Deals


Protective coatings manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings Inc. (Avon, Ohio) has signed yet another series of new chemical tanker deals in Turkey, commanding 80% of the area’s market. The latest jobs include undertaking two repair jobs at a yard for Turkish shipowner Veysel Vardal Shipping.

Work will be completed on its 6800 DWT MT Barbaros Uluç Vardal and MT Barbaros Hayrettin Vardal chemical tankers. This involves coating 12 cargo tanks and two slop tanks.

Additionally, APC reports it struck a new deal to recoat six tankers owned by Turkish ship owner Mercan and a single tanker for Turkish ship owner Transal. Work will be overseen by APC’s Tuzla-based Turkish team led by Koray Karagöz.

APC’s Global Marine Manager Onur Yildirim said in an emailed press release that the jobs will see APC provide heat curing and inspection services in a variety of shipyards.

“It is very pleasing to see APC and MarineLINE being chosen and trusted to repair and recoat these vessels with a collection of owners and shipyards we know well,” he said. “Building long-term relationships with customers is key to our approach. We have a very able and experienced Turkish team and we are looking forward to starting work.”

Captain Yildirim reports that Turkey remains one APC’s most important export destinations. The latest deal follows recent contracts with Chemfleet, as well as deals for new-build chemical tankers for Nakkas and Ceksan. APC is also working on a series of recoat and new build jobs in Greece and China.

“We believe MarineLINE is an X factor product with a sharp competitive edge,” he said. “Key to this is MarineLINE’s proven ability to carry a wide variety of chemicals over a sustained period without risk of cross contamination even in older vessels. Moreover, operators are now much more aware that when tank coatings go wrong it can cost millions of dollars per ship to repair plus disruption and lack of availability.

“MarineLINE’s established position and track record is able to give the industry far greater piece of mind. This is especially the case for charterers who are now taking a bigger role in selecting tank coatings, they can rely on, to help them secure long-term agreements with ship owners.”

The company states that it now has more than 12% of the global chemical tanker coating market. 700 ships have reportedly been coated worldwide with its MarineLINE product.

Previous Tanker Deals

In May, APC announced that it had won a new deal to supply two new chemical tankers being built in Turkey.

The vessels to be coated include an 8000 DWT Basaran Bayrak NB 80, a chemical/oil tanker being built for the Ceksan shipowner at its Ceksan shipyard in Tuzla, and the 6000 DWT NB 68 Sedat Basak, a tanker being built for Turkish shipowner Atako Shipping and its partner Nakkas Shipping at the Gisan shipyard also in Tuzla.

According to the company’s press release, work on the project started at the end of May. The new build vessels’ cargo tanks and slop tanks will both receive applications of APC’s MarineLINE coating system. In addition, the vessels will also undergo an application inspection and full heat curing services.

Captain Yildirim said the projects will be led by their Turkish Marine Sales Manager Koray Karagoz and supported by APC's 14-strong team at its Tuzla office as well as APC’s head office in Cleveland, Ohio.

With this new deal, APC reported that it now accounts for more than 12% of the global cargo tank coating market. The deal also arrives shortly after APC inked a new deal with Chinese shipowner Shandong to supply a fleet of 50,000 DWT medium-range tankers to be chartered by Shell as part of its Shell Project Solar program.

In 2021, the company’s maritime sales grew by 40%, with 56 ships coated equating to over 750,000 square meters of MarineLINE applied.

Last month, the company signed a signed a multi-ship deal to recoat 10 tankers with Turkish ship management firm Chemfleet. APC reports that the move reinforces its position as a major protective tank coating company in Turkey’s maritime sector.

Yildirim added that the new contract follows a third special survey of the chemical tanker fleet, which takes place after APC’s MarineLINE tank coating system has been in place for 15 years. The tank coating, at this point, needs to be recoated to maintain its performance.

The Chemfleet deal marks a “strong period” for APC in Turkey, with a collection of other projects also struck in June to recoat eight additional vessels for a range of Turkish ship owners. APC reports that in total, the deals will see 18 vessels recoated with MarineLINE.


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