Artists Unveil Digital Landmarks in Metaverse


Everyrealm, a metaverse real estate development firm, has recently teamed up with real estate advisory firm Alexander Team to launch a members-only virtual community.

Known as “The Row,” the metaverse community is made up of 30 3D landmarks, each of which can be sold as a non-fungible token (NFT). According to reports, the virtual structures can be deployed on 26 different metaverse platforms that are owned by Everyrealm.

“Our clientele collects trophy real estate in the real world, and now we are enabling that same level of curation in the metaverse,” said Oren Alexander of The Alexander Team. “The Row will be the most high-profile real estate development across many metaverses, a series of iconic landmarks accessible on a global scale.”

Artists involved in designing the digital architectural features include Daniel Arsham, Misha Kahn, Andrés Reisinger, Alba de la Fuente, Alexis Christodoulou, Six N. Five and Hard.Architects.

“In the metaverse, one does not need to adhere to the many constraints that exist when creating spaces, exhibitions, and art works in the physical world,” said Arsham, who also serves as creative ambassador for Everyrealm.

“When designing for The Row, I considered how my sculptures would appear from inside this unique piece of architecture. I’m excited and eager to see how people might engage with these pieces of architecture once they're deployed in the metaverse.”

About the Architecture

As a result of the unique concept dreamed up by Everyrealm and Alexander Team, artists were invited to create imaginary houses and pavilions.

“The metaverse has no physics, no weather, and no limitations other than human ingenuity,” said Janine Yorio, CEO of Everyrealm. “The Row brings together visionary artists best known for their architectural landscapes and collectors seeking a unique, limited-edition residence that they can deploy across many different metaverses over time.”

According to Wallpaper*, Arsham’s contribution to the community references the American artist’s Fictional Archaeology series and is composed of modernist architectural forms. Dubbed “Ares House,” the home sits within a sculpture of Ares, the Greek God of War.

The structure is also noted to change color in different seasons, therefore, Arsham created five different versions of the design’s exterior.

“I explored the possibility of seasonality; how I might be able to alter the seasons, and how the design could remain in existence in both a daytime or a nighttime environment forever,” said Arsham. “I’ve created very accurate visualizations of how this work might exist, how you might move through it, how light passes through it, and what it might feel like at different times of day.”

Christodoulou created what is being called “The Mirage”—a personal levitation center made up of a cantilevered building with decorative, floating globes. The artist went on to explain that the gravity-defying architecture features an interior that responds to the movements of the sun throughout the day.

“Quagmire's Karst” was designed by Kahn and features a series of ceramic objects. Reisinger took a more realistic approach, designing a virtual building surrounded by trees complete with glass walls and a concrete structure.

Six N Five's building was reportedly designed to mimic cellular organism. The artist has notably been creating virtual worlds through CGI for years prior to being asked to contribute to The Row.

Described as pioneers of metaverse architecture, Hard.Architects were responsible for the design of “The Pearl.” An elegant structure, the architects told reporters that the design “was fueled by the introspective journey that explores the lust for opulence that resides in self-worth and the need for belonging.”

These initial installments will be hosted on the metaverse world-building platform Mona. The selection of other metaverses for housing the architectural landmarks have yet to be announced.

Those interested in seeing the completed projects can do so only if they are invited to the platform. Designs are slated to reach completion by late 2022.

“The goal is to build a community of buyers who appreciate the talent the artists put forth, as community members have a significant role in this unique cultural moment, and preserving the artistic intent and integrity of the project is paramount to the success of The Row,” said Julia Schwartz, Chief Strategy Officer at Everyrealm.


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