Elevation Awards Spotlight: Halstead Apartments

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2022

With the extended deadline recently announced for the sixth annual Elevation Awards, we will be counting down to July 29 with featured selections of this year’s nominees, giving readers a glimpse of the competition.

Below is a selected nominee in the “Multifamily/Residential High-Rise” category.

Project: Halstead Exterior Repaint

Launching back in June 2021, W.T. Kenney & Co., Inc. (Arlington, Massachusetts) was brought on by owner and real estate investment services company DSF Group to coat the exterior masonry on the Halstead Apartments in Framingham, Massachusetts.

According to the project nomination form, the W.T. Kenney team spent six months on the looming towers to bring color to the neighborhood.

“When it comes to painting, masonry can be a fickle partner for painters,” wrote Brian Jurgens of W.T. Kenney. “If it’s done improperly peeling, cracking and efflorescence all can be problems that rear their ugly heads down the line. For homeowners and building owners alike, it’s extremely important to hire a painting contractor skilled at working on one of the more challenging substrates.”

In conducting the work at Halstead, Jurgens further explained that skill, product knowledge and perseverance was required by all of the crew members working on the 20 vertical masonry towers and 504 individual patio panels.

Before any coatings work could begin, each of the vertical masonry towers was pressure washed. For this portion of the project, as well as for coatings applications, W.T. Kenney employed two aerial boom lifts, which were used to carry two crew members at a time to heights as much as 80 feet in the air.

W.T. Kenney employed two aerial boom lifts, which were used to carry two crew members at a time to heights as much as 80 feet in the air.

To keep water from seeping through the concrete, each vertical masonry tower was sealed with Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Masonry Interior/Exterior 100% Acrylic Sealer 608. The 20 towers were then spray-applied to ensure that all nooks and crannies of the fluted block were filled with two coats of Exterior Aura in Admiral Blue BM 2065-10.

“Aura was chosen due to its excellent coverage characteristics with the saturated colors,” said project manager Eric Pacheco.

When tackling the 504 patio panels, crews first degreased the surfaces with Multi-Purpose Cleaner N318. This was followed by a primer application, where crews used Corotech Waterborne Boning Primer. As a final step, the patio panels were painted with two coats of Exterior Aura in BM 2061-40 Electric Blue and BM 2029-10 Basil Green.

In total, the seven-story fluted block masonry towers required close to 1,200 gallons of paint and primer, while the green and blue panels on the patios were noted to require a couple of hundred more. 

“The simple but stunning color scheme grabs the attention of all who walk by and the promise of quality and lasting paint job will bring years of comfort to the owners,” concluded Jurgens.

This project was completed on Nov. 4, 2021.

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