New Product Announcement: Retroreflective Powder Coating


Global coatings manufacturer PPG recently introduced the industry’s first commercial retroreflective powder coating.

PPG Envirocron Lum is a patent-pending coating engineered to help improve visibility at night and during low-light conditions. Prior to the product launch, retroreflective items such as pavement markings, road signs and safety vets were only possible with liquid paints, tapes and fabrics.

Now, retroreflection can be achieved with a powder coating that works by embedding retroreflective glass beads into the powder’s surface. Like the retroreflective eyes of deer, the glass beads redirect maximum light back to the source to improve how quickly and clearly an object can be spotted ahead.

“Whether in on-road or off-road settings with limited light, visibility is essential for safety and productivity,” said Paul Bradley, PPG technical manager, Industrial Coatings. “PPG has been at the forefront of retroreflective powder coating technology for several years. Our talented research and development team and our commitment to innovation made it possible to bring PPG Envirocron LUM coating to life and achieve a major advancement in powder technology.”

PPG went on to note in its press release that the chip- and abrasion-resistant Envirocron Lum powder coating achieves one-coat corrosion protection and is cost effective due to high transfer efficiency and reclaimability.

The coating was created without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and aids PPG’s ongoing efforts to advance the sustainability of its customers and achieve 40% of sales from sustainably advantaged products by 2025.

Available in a wide range of colors, the new coating will be ideal for a variety of applications, such as guardrails, bicycles, scooters, safety equipment, tools, fences and shopping carts, among others.


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