New Product Announcement: One-Coat PFP Coating

TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2022

Belgian anticorrosion coating company Acotec recently announced the launch of its epoxy passive fire protection system that can reportedly prevent corrosion and provide fire resistance in one coat. According to the emailed press release, Humidur Char is a two-component, solvent-free, 100% solids and polyamine cured epoxy PFP system for the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Compared to traditional PFP coatings, which can require up to five coats, Humidur Char can reportedly be applied in one layer on minimum preparation standards, without primer or mesh, on structural steel. Acotec reports that the coating enables improved cost management, but also reduces manhours up to 50% along with reduced asset downtime, machinery and equipment costs.

Humidur Char reportedly passed an extensive test program and protects against high heat flux jet fires, pool fires and can resist gas explosions. It has also received approval and certification from classification society DNV for optimal surface preparation (Sa 2 1/2) and minimal surface preparation (St2).

According to the release, all steel test beams underwent optimal and minimal surface preparation, with the coating applied directly to the steel. The test results reportedly showed there was no difference in fire protection properties between optimal and minimal surface preparation, which has been formally confirmed by DNV.

Humidur Char is “extremely” easy to apply and can be troweled or sprayed straight onto a structural component without the need to grit-blasted. Acotec states that spray application can be conducted with standard plural pumps.

It also has a max humidity of 95%, allowing it to be applied in any location with a wide application window. This property also reportedly offers and unlimited overcoating window and wet-on-wet application.

The coating is also reportedly sustainable and environmentally friendly, meeting all local HSE regulations due to its solvent-free characteristics. It also reduces the risk of coating failures because it is one layer, preventing inter-adhesion issues.

“Partners in the Oil & Gas industry approached Acotec because they wanted a new innovative PFP coating that would reduce the downtime of their assets. Besides that, the new PFP coating must be efficient and easy to apply. Acotec took on the challenge and started to develop the revolutionary PFP coating. After extensive testing, Humidur Char was born,” said Wim Schalley, CEO of Acotec.

“Humidur Char is currently being applied both onshore and offshore assets, and as such has led to a significant reduction in manhours and hence overall project costs.”

“By combining PFP properties with Humidur we have access to a world-class, all-in-one, single-product system that meets the highest industry testing and qualification criteria,” added Woodside Corrosion Technology Specialist Travis Baensch.


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