Sherwin Issues Trend Forecast for Coil, Extrusion Coatings

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2022

Last month, global coatings firm The Sherwin-Williams Company announced the debut of its latest Color Trends Forecast for the coil and extrusion metal coatings market via emailed press release.

According to Sherwin-Williams, the trend forecast aims to help architects and designers to be color visionaries in the architectural design sector. The selection was developed in collaboration between company color experts, and coil and extrusions technical teams. The collaborative was also noted to compile research and insights, ranging from societal influences on sales data analyses and information collected from catalysts including culture, economy, environment and wellness.

To achieve a palette that resonates with architectural and metal building product manufacturers, the team also worked with lab experts to determine the proper finishes, textures, color shifts and/or gloss levels.

The result of these combined efforts can be seen in the company’s new online brochure “Perspectives.” According to Sherwin-Williams, “Perspectives explores colors through three distinct trend stories—and the vision of the future of color starts by looking to the past, through the lens of nostalgia.”

“The dynamics of our lives change, and so do the colors we surround ourselves with design. In Perspectives, our team of color experts explores how the past, present and future will influence color in architectural design in the years ahead,” said Kiki Redhead, Sherwin-Williams Global CMF (Color, Material and Finish) & Trend Manager.

Launched on March 15, the latest Color Trends Forecast can be downloaded online, featuring the finalized colors and effects alongside imagery designed to inspire viewers. Users can also order color samples, textures and various effects for metal building products that are predicted by the company to define the industry over the next three to five years and beyond.

The three trend stories are as follows:

  • “Pause & Rewind,” the idea that nostalgia prompts a natural pause, inviting the audience to recall people, places and products through history that changed our way of living while instilling warmth and security;
  • “Push Play” is about making the most of social connections, exploration and shared experiences; and
  • “Fast Forward” shines a light on the cutting edge of colors that inspire forward-thinking.

“With our thoughtfully curated color selection, architects and designers will discover innovative hues to encourage their design and captivate generations to come,” said Redhead. “Our Color Trend Forecast for architects and metal building product designers will demonstrate to design professionals why Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings is the color expert that customers can rely on and turn to for all their color needs.”

2022 Color Forecasts

Over the summer, Sherwin-Williams began releasing its 2022 colormix forecasts, color picks, select flooring palettes and more.

The first announcement, made in August, outlined 40 hues in four palettes that aim to “embrace creativity, intention and discovery.” The collection was published in the company’s 2022 Colormix Forecast, dubbed MODE.

The MODE palettes (Method, Opus, Dreamland, Ephemera) aim to illustrate transition and experiencing “a new way of being beautiful.” The palettes include:

  • Method – a collection that aims to find a balance between “organic neutrals and tonal luxury,” finding inspiration in art deco and 1980s postmodernism with shades such as Urbane Bronze and Evergreen Fog;
  • Opus – a palette grounded in “modern maximalism” that features dark luxury colors and bold metallics such as Samovar Silver and Cocoa Whip;
  • Dreamland – a group of hues that aim to fuse softness and minimalism with berry tones and greens such as Lite Lavender and Rosemary; and
  • Ephemera – the last grouping in the bunch that tries to unify retro futurism with meaning and memory with colors such as Sierra Redwood and Moody Blue.

The full palettes can be found here.

The following month, Sherwin-Williams announced four new color palettes for high-performance flooring. Sherwin reported that the new palettes reflected the latest trends in commercial décor for healthcare, education and retail, as well as stadiums, arenas, showrooms and airports, among other decorative applications.

In addition to corresponding to commercial flooring trends, the color palettes also reflect colors found in the company’s 2022 Colormix Forecast, with hues inspired by the earth, sky and sea, as well as other influences.

The company went on to describe that the floor coatings contain a mixture of exuberant blues and reds, as well as warm neutrals and natural tones. The palettes are organized with color gradients from warm to cool so architects, designers, specifiers and applicators can easily find the perfect blends to complement their designs for decorative and iconic installations.

Of the four palettes, three can reportedly be applied across the portfolio of seamless, resinous flooring systems. Specifiers can select the resinous chemistry that’s right for the application, then select from any of the following color systems:

  • Deco Flake System Colors combine multicolored vinyl chips (1/4- or 1/8-inch) with resin to bring depth and interest to floor designs;
  • Deco Quartz System Colors consist of quartz aggregate combined with resins, creating a slip-resistant and hard-wearing surface; and
  • ResuFlor Topcoat Metallic System Colors combine hard-wearing resin with pigments that create iridescent effects mimicking the look of natural stone.

The fourth new palette, Terrazzo System Colors, features distinctive hues of marble and granite, as well as other aggregates, with a coordinated resin blend, and can only be applied to terrazzo floors.

That same month, the company announced its 2022 Color of the Year: Evergreen Fog SW 9130.

Described as a nourishing and sophisticated gray-green, Sherwin claimed that the color was just the beginning of a new era of nostalgic mid-tones.

And, in October, paints and coatings brand Valspar, from The Sherwin-Williams Company’s Consumer Brands Group, announced its 2022 Colors of the Year. In total, the company selected what it described as 12 trendy, yet timeless hues all inspired from nature that aimed to bring a calm, comfortable presence to consumers’ homes.

The 12 colors include:

  • Blanched Thyme – a cool, organic green;
  • Gilded Linen – an ultra-clean neutral;
  • Delighted Moon – a cheerful yellow;
  • Lilac Lane – a soft pink;
  • Mountain River – a deep blue;
  • Orchid Ash – a color-infused white;
  • Grey Suit – a warm gray with hints of red undertones;
  • Subtle Peach – a yellowish pink shade;
  • Rustic Oak – a warm, copper-like hue;
  • Sunset Curtains – a tinted neutral;
  • Country Charm – a cozy, neutral yellow; and
  • Fired Earth – a dark hue.

Explore all the trending shades and how to style them, here.


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