New Product Announcement: Silicone Surfactants


To further support the growing demand for enhanced energy efficiency and sustainable solutions in the polyurethane foam market, The Dow Chemical Company has recently announced a new product extension.

Reported to be focusing more on spray and construction applications, Dow announced at the beginning of the month that it has extended its VORASURF Silicone Surfactants.

“With the latest additions to our VORASURF portfolio, we continue to deliver innovative technologies addressing key market trends for rigid polyurethane foams, improving energy efficiency and delivering a more sustainable solution to our customers,” said Dylan Delapa, Global Market Segment Leader for Dow polyurethane additives.

“By combining our leading manufacturing integration and global presence, with a deep understanding of the industry, Dow silicone polyethers for spray and construction applications provide the key performance benefits our customers desire.”

Highlighted VORASURF Silicone Surfactant products include:

  • VORASURF SF 2937 Additive for rigid closed cell applications offering superior shelf life in polyurethane systems formulated with HFCO-1233zd(E) blowing agent;
  • VORASURF RF 5358 Additive for rigid closed cell applications offering enhanced hydrocarbon compatibility, insulation performance, foam flow properties and aesthetics in polyisocyanurate board panels;
  • VORASURF DC 5950 Additive for open cell spray foam applications providing a wider processing latitude and good compatibility with fire retardant additives;
  • VORASURF DC 5980 Additive for open cell spray foam applications with wider latitude; and
  • VORASURF DC 5990 Additive for open cell spray foam applications enabling lower density and providing good compatibility with fire retardant additives.

On March 23, Rossella Riccio, development scientist for Dow’s polyurethane additives, and Sachit Goyal, development scientist for Dow’s polyurethane additives, presented the specifics of the silicone surfactants through a webinar. The duo was also noted to showcase the silicone surfactants performance attributes in polyurethane foam applications.

Silicone Facade Program

In November, The Dow Chemical Company announced plans to introduce the world’s first commercially available program for carbon-neutral silicones in building facades.

According to Dow, the ground-breaking innovation will allow builders to design with more freedom by engineering less impact, as carbon-neutral silicones can reduce the carbon needed to produce the silicone polymers that are the building blocks of its products to net zero. The World Green Building Council reports that the building sector is responsible for approximately 39% of global CO2 emissions, which includes both embodied carbon and building operations.

The program will select PAS 2060-verified carbon-neutral silicones, which are slated to decrease the environmental impact of buildings and contribute to achieving regional and global targets for CO2 reduction. The verification is internationally recognized for organizational carbon-neutrality.


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