Kenzen Climate Tech Receives Award


At the beginning of the month, manufacturer of smart personal protective equipment, Kenzen, was awarded the Best New Mobile App Award for its mobile application, designed to alert workers when their bodies are under stress in hot conditions.

The award was presented by Best Mobile App Awards after reviewing thousands of nominations. According to a press release issued via email by Kenzen, the apps were judged on usefulness, overall quality, uniqueness in the market, user interface and design.

Used by industrial companies in construction, manufacturing, firefighting, agriculture, utilities, transportation, and oil and gas, the Kenzen app works to alert workers when they need to rest, hydrate and cool their bodies to prevent heat stress and fatalities in indoor and outdoor work environments. 

Kenzen reports that the SaaS system includes a wearable device worn by workers that gathers physiological data that triggers alerts when the workers’ core body temperatures are too high. The continuous monitoring system keeps workers safe and helps companies proactively manage risk and productivity. 

The monitors work in real-time, reporting on a worker’s physiological markers that trigger heat injury risks. Once in danger of a heat injury, the worker is warned via a smart phone app that vibrates and gives next-step instructions, as well as vibrations on the device they are wearing. Managers have a corresponding app that alerts them when a worker needs an intervention to stop work and when it is safe to return to work.

The Kenzen solution integrates the company’s commitment to personal data privacy; only workers can view the details of their personal health information and safety managers and other EHS leaders only see what’s necessary to keep the workers safe.

Data from the application is currently being used by Environmental Health and Safety leaders to enhance heat safety across the company.

More on Kenzen PPE

Last year, Kenzen announced that it had Kansas City-based firm Garney Construction to test out a new, wearable smart device to monitor health indicators of each worker.

The devices were worn on the arms of 28 Garney workers at 10 worksites throughout the United States, monitoring things such as core body temperature, heart rate and exertion level. 

At the time, the measurements were being studied for proactive prediction and prevention of heat injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Later that summer, Kenzen announced that it would be offering a new rental program for its wearable devices. The rental program was announced as the U.S. National Weather Service and U.K. Met Office predicted the summer of 2021 to be the hottest on record so that companies of all sizes could protect workers and maintain productivity throughout the season.

For the rental packages, Kenzen offered either groups of 10, 20 and even 50 for all kits which include the heat monitoring devices, armbands, device chargers, apps available for both iOS and android phones, and packaging for easy returns at the end of the rental period. 

The kits were rented for up to two months at a time.


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