Contractors Wanted for IL Bridge Projects


The DuPage County Forest Preservation District is seeking contractors to perform removal of two prefabricated bridges and restoration of a historic iron bow truss bridge located in Downers Grove, Illinois.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held Feb. 2 on the East side of IL-53 South of Butterfield Road Downers Grove, Illinois.

Bids are due Feb. 18. The contract is estimated to cost $156,000.

Scope of Work

This project involves removal and disposal of two prefabricated bridges and restoration of a historic iron bow truss bridge.

The iron bow truss bridge will be placed back in service on new abutments. Work will include disassembly of arches, removal of all vertical and diagonals, heat straightening of bent verticals, replacement of arch rib plates and addressing other deficiencies found during renovation of the arches that require correction.

Due to the nature of this project, portions of the structure cannot be observed in the existing configuration. Additional portions of deterioration or interior structural members may require repair.

The project includes a lump sum item for bridge cleaning and painting with warranty. Steel members will require abrasive blast cleaning to Near White (SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. 2) standards or by Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning (SSPC-SP 15). Bare steel members will receive a full coat of an organic epoxy zinc-rich primer, a full intermediate epoxy coating and a full finish coat of aliphatic urethane. Stripe coats of the prime and finish coats will be applied. Bare steel may also be coated with two full coats of aluminum epoxy mastic system.

For members receiving over-coating of the existing system, a full coat of epoxy penetrating sealer, a spot intermediate coat of aluminum epoxy mastic and a strip and full finish coat of aliphatic urethane will be used. Overcoating may also consist of a full coat of epoxy penetrating sealer, a spot intermediate coating of aluminum epoxy mastic and a strip and full finish coating of waterborne acrylic.

The contractor will prepare all galvanized fasteners by Hand or Power Tool Cleaning (SSPC-SP 2, SP 3) and Solvent Cleaning (SSPC-SP 1). Galvanized surfaces are present and specified to be painted with a two-coat system consisting of a full aluminum epoxy mastic and full waterborne acrylic finish coating. If red rust is visible, rusted areas will be spot primed with aluminum epoxy mastic prior to the application of the full coating.

Surfaces of existing steel in direct contact with new steel will require preparation according to Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning (SSPC-SP 15) using vacuum-shrouded power tools with HEPA filtration. At the contractor's option, vacuum blast-cleaning according to Commercial Blast-Cleaning (SSPC-SP 6/NACE No. 3) may be substituted. Contact surface areas will be coated with an organic zinc-rich primer and aluminum epoxy mastic system.

The project will also include 685 square feet of concrete sealant application. Concrete will be coated with either an epoxy penetrating sealer cross-linked multi-component sealer or a moisture-cured penetrating sealer.

Containment and disposal of lead paint cleaning residues is required. Certification to SSPC-QP 1 and QP 2 are also required.

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