New Product Announcement: Graphene Coatings


United Kingdom-based Applied Graphene Materials recently announced the launch of a new range of industrial graphene-enhanced primers and dispersions. Incorporating its Genable graphene additives, the products offer increased chemical resistance, barrier and anticorrosion properties.

According to AGM, the new line features two epoxy-based primer systems and has extended its Genable 3000 dispersion series.

Genable Epoxy Primer is reportedly a C3-rated hybrid product that combines zinc phosphate with the graphene, allowing it to be used in urban and industrial environments. The Genable CX primer is a high-performance hybrid system of graphene and aluminum for harsher environments, like offshore or marine applications.

The Genable 3000 series uses a combination of graphene with traditional, sacrificial additives to maximize across complimentary systems for surface protection against corrosion. The newly-formulated metal-free and VOC-free hybrid range offers three new dispersions:

  • Genable 3100 and Genable 3105, optimized, formulation-ready dispersions that are easy to formulate, safe to incorporate and stabilized in a standard epoxy resin; and
  • Genable 3120, an eco-friendly, bio-based resin epoxy.

“We are pleased to be able to launch these new Genable products, which we anticipate will help further accelerate the adoption of graphene nanoplatelet technology in the industry,” said Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM. “Our technology development programs have focused on extensive testing and evaluation for a range of applications, and this experience is valuable to guide customers in the use of our products.”


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